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AS level - Advanced Supplementary level

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as [æz; ɔz]
  • I adv
    • 1. (ebenso) wie, so:
      as usual wie gewöhnlich oder üblich;
      as soft as butter weich wie Butter;
      twice as large zweimal so groß;
      just as good ebenso gut

    • 2. als: he appeared as Macbeth; I knew him as a child;
      as prose style this is bad für Prosa ist das schlecht

    • 3. wie (z. B.): cathedral cities, as Ely
  • II konj
    • 1. wie, so wie: as follows; as I said before;
      do as you are told! tu, wie man dir sagt!;
      as it is unter diesen Umständen, ohnehin;
      as it were sozusagen, gleichsam

    • 2. als, indem, während:
      as he entered als er eintrat, bei seinem Eintritt

    • 3. obgleich, wenn auch; wie, wie sehr, so sehr:
      old as I am so alt wie ich bin;
      try as he would sosehr er (es) auch versuchte

    • 4. da, weil: as you are sorry I’ll forgive you
  • III pron was, wie: as he himself admits; such III 1;

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