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Principal Translations/Principales traductions
contract n (legal agreement) accord légalcontrat nm
 The company has a contract with the supplier. The football player signed a contract.
 La société a un contrat avec le fournisseur.
contract vi (make an agreement) conclure un accordsigner un contrat vi
 He contracted with the company to provide services.
 Il a signé un contrat de prestation de services avec l'entreprise.
contract vtr (get a disease) Médecinecontracter vtr
 familier, courantattraper vtr
 He contracted malaria in Africa.
 Il a contracté la malaria en Afrique.
contract vi (shrink) rétrécirse contracter, se rétracter v pron
 diminuer de volume vi
 Wood contracts as it dries.
 Le bois se contracte (or: se rétracte) en séchant.
 * Les végétaux diminuent de volume en séchant.
Additional Translations/Traductions supplémentaires
contract n as adj (under legal agreement) emploi : sous contratvacataire adj
 The contract worker will find another job.
 Le travailleur vacataire va trouver un nouvel emploi.
contract vi (tighten) se serrerse contracter v pron
 Her muscles contracted as she lifted the box.
 Ses muscles se contractèrent quand elle souleva la boîte.
contract vtr (tighten [sth]) musclescontracter vtr
 Contract the muscles in your leg when you do this stretch.
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Compound Forms/Formes composées
according to the contract adv (by the terms of the contract)conformément au contrat, aux clauses du contrat adv
 According to the contract you may take three days of bereavement leave for your uncle's funeral, but only one for your nephew's.
agistment contract contrat de bailcheptel nm
betray a contract parjurer v
breach of contract n (breaking an agreed term)rupture de contrat nf
 If there's a breach of contract by your employer you may be entitled to monetary compensation.
contract bridge n (card game) jeu de cartebridge nm
 Contract bridge is even more complicated than regular bridge.
contract enforcement n (lawsuit: breached agreement)poursuite pour rupture de contrat nf
 In the US state laws govern the rules for contract enforcement.
contract negotiations npl (discussions aimed at formal agreement)négociations de contrat nfpl
contract of employment contrat de travail
contract of guarantee contrat de garantie
contract of guaranty contrat de garantie
contract [sth] out (to [sb]) vtr phrasal sep (outsource)sous-traiter qch (à qqn) vtr
 externaliser qch (à qqn) vtr
contract out vi phrasal (outsource)sous-traiter vtr
 externaliser vtr
employment contract n (document formalizing [sb]'s employment)contrat de travail nm
equitable contract n (fair agreement)contrat équitable nm
 If the agreement is an equitable contract then both persons will be comfortable in signing the document.
fixed term contract CDDcontrat à durée déterminée nm
future contract (futures contract)contrat à terme nm
futures contract (Finance) Financecontrat à terme normalisé nm
implied contract (Law) Juridiquequasi-contrat nm
internship contract n (work experience agreement)convention de stage nf
 Elle vient de signer une convention de stage de huit mois avec cette entreprise.
labor contract n US (employment agreement)contrat de travail nm
 The teachers are hoping to negotiate a more equitable labor contract this year.
 Cette année, les enseignants espèrent négocier un contrat de travail plus équitable.
legal contract n (written agreement binding by law)contrat (juridique) nm
 acte juridique de nature contractuelle nm
 The two companies signed a legal contract to regulate their partnership.
marriage contract n (prenuptial agreement)contrat de mariage nm
 He insisted his future wife sign a marriage contract to protect his family's wealth.
 Il insista sur la signature d'un contrat de mariage pour protéger sa fortune familiale.
open-ended contract contrat à durée indéterminéeCDI nm
pre-contract avant-contrat adj
recording contract n (deal to record for a music label)contrat d'enregistrement nm
rolling contract contrat à durée indéterminéeCDI
social contract contrat social
sub-contract contrat de sous-traitance
union contract statuts d'un syndicat nm pl
work contract contrat de travail
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