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Principal Translations/Principales traductions
criminal n (person who breaks the law)criminel, criminelle n
criminal adj (breaking the law)criminel, criminelle adj
criminal adj figurative (morally wrong)criminel, criminelle adj
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Compound Forms/Formes composées
criminal act n (crime)acte criminel nm
 The man was charged with three criminal acts, the most serious being arson.
criminal affairs npl (crime investigation)affaires criminelles nfpl
criminal background check n (investigation into [sb]'s past)vérification de casier judiciaire nf
 Before working at a school, you must go through a criminal background check.
criminal contempt outrage criminel
criminal conviction n (being found guilty of a crime)condamnation nf
 Although he has been charged with crimes several times, none of these incidents has resulted in a criminal conviction.
criminal court n (court where criminal cases are held)cour d'assises nf
 The alleged murderer will be held without bail until he is tried in criminal court.
 assises nfpl
 L'assassin présumé sera détenu jusqu'aux assises.
criminal investigation n (police research into a crime)enquête criminelle nf
 The police are conducting a criminal investigation into the woman's death.
 La police mène une enquête criminelle pour savoir qui a tué cette femme.
criminal investigator n US (special agent) Franceagent, officier de police judiciaire nm
criminal jurisdiction juridiction criminelle
criminal law n (law concerning crimes and punishment)droit pénal nm
criminal lawyer avocat d'assises
criminal mischief n (crime: damage to property)actes délictueux visant les biens nmpl
criminal offender n ([sb] who has committed a crime)délinquant criminel nm
criminal offense, UK: criminal offence n US (crime)délit nm
Note: US: criminal offense
 Speeding is not a criminal offense.
criminal psychology n (study of criminals' minds)psychologie criminelle nf
criminal record n (previous convictions)casier judiciaire nm
 familiercasier nm
 Suspicion fell on him because he had a criminal record.
 Les soupçons se sont portés sur lui parce qu'il a un casier judiciaire.
war criminal criminel de guerre
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