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Principal Translations/Principales traductions
nip n (small bite)petite morsure nf
nip n (small drink)goutte nf
 petit verre, petit coup nm
nip n (chill in the air)froid piquant nm
nip vtr (bite)mordiller vtr
Additional Translations/Traductions supplémentaires
nip vi (by cold weather)piquer vi
nip vi (by dog)mordiller vtr
nip vi (sip)boire à petites gorgées vi
nip vi (small bite)mordillement nm
 morsure nf
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WordReference English-French Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms/Formes composées
cat nip n (herb: stimulant to cats)herbe à chat nf
 My cat loves to roll in fresh catnip.
nip and tuck adj (race: very close or inconclusive)serré adj
 That race was so nip and tuck that I had no idea who would win until the very end.
 L'arrivée de cette course était si serrée qu'il a fallu vingt minutes pour afficher le résultat final.
nip in the air n informal (weather: slight chill)frisquet adj
Note: there's a nip in the air : le fond l'air est froid
 Better put your overcoat on - there's a real nip in the air tonight.
 Il fait frisquet ce matin.
nip [sth] in the bud v expr figurative (stop [sth] developing further) figurétuer qch dans l'œuf loc v
 Her son took up smoking, but she nipped that in the bud by making him smoke an entire pack.
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