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Plural form: wives

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Principal Translations/Principales traductions
wife, plural: wives n (married woman)femme, épouse nf
 He has been married to his wife for three years.
 Il fut marié à sa femme pendant trois ans.
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Compound Forms/Formes composées
common law husband or wife GBconcubin, concubine n
common-law wife n (woman in informal marriage)concubine nf
 John had more than one common-law wife, though he was never married.
ex-wife n (woman: former spouse)ex-femme nf
 I still love my ex-wife.
 J'aime toujours mon ex-femme.
future wife n (fiancée: woman one will marry)future femme nf
 Je vous présente ma future femme.
 future épouse nf
husband and wife npl (married couple)mari et femme n
 John and I became husband and wife ten years ago today.
 Jean et moi sommes mari et femme depuis dix ans.
live as husband and wife v expr (cohabit as a couple)vivre ensemble vi
Note: euphemism
 They might as well be married; they live together as husband and wife.
 Cela fait dix-sept ans qu'ils vivent ensemble, mais pour faire une fête, ils ont finalement eu envie de se marier.
 vivre en concubinage vi
 famêtre à la colle loc v
man and wife mari et femme
miller's wife meunière nf
trophy wife n (beautiful woman seen as status symbol for husband) familier, péjoratifpotiche nf
 familier, péjoratifpoupée Barbie nf
 femme qu'on aime exhiber nf
 Men at the conference all seemed to have trophy wives.
 Les hommes à la conférence semblaient tous être accompagnés de potiches.
wife material n informal (female suitable for marrying)bonne à marier adj
 En plus d'être belle et d'avoir de la patience, Julia est un vrai cordon bleu. Bref, elle est bonne à marier.
 fille bonne à marier nf
wife swapping n slang (swinging: exchange of sex partners)échangisme nm
 Wife swapping? You're joking, surely - he's a minister of the church!
wife-beating violence conjugale nf
wife-to-be future femme nf
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