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Plural form: wolves

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Principal Translations/Principales traductions
wolf n (animal)loup nm
Additional Translations/Traductions supplémentaires
wolf n colloquial (man who preys on women) familiertombeur nm
 Ce type est un vrai tombeur : quand il va en soirée, il rentre chez lui avec au moins une fille et plusieurs numéros de téléphone.
wolf vi (eat rapidly)dévorer, engloutir vtr
 Avant de partir au lycée, l'adolescent a englouti son petit déjeuner.
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WordReference English-French Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms/Formes composées
cry wolf vtr + n figurative (lies) figurécrier au loup loc v
 If you cry wolf too often, people will stop paying you any attention.
cry wolf (on [sth]) vtr + n figurative (false alarm) figurécrier au loup loc v
 Some people believe the experts are crying wolf on climate change.
crying wolf n figurative (act of deliberately creating a false alarm)crier "au loup" vi
 Attention car crier "au loup" peut se révéler très dangereux.
female wolf louve nf
gray wolf, UK: grey wolf n US (North American timber wolf)loup (gris) nm
 Historically, various subspecies of the gray wolf (Canus lupus) were found across much of North America.
grey wolf n (North American timber wolf)loup (gris) nm
have a wolf at the door être dans le besoin
lone wolf n figurative ([sb] who prefers to act unaccompanied) figloup solitaire nm
 Il a toujours vécu en loup solitaire.
red wolf n (small variety of wolf)loup roux nm
she-wolf femelle du louplouve nf
the Wolf le loup nm
timber wolf n (wild canine with grey coat)loup (gris) de l'Est nm
 loup du Canada nm
white wolf loup blanc nm
wolf cub n (baby wolf)louveteau nm
 The wolf cub lived in the den because he was still too young to go out and hunt on its own.
wolf dog chien loup nm
wolf down vtr phrasal sep informal (eat hungrily or greedily)engloutir vtr
 He wolfed down the cheeseburger as if he hadn't eaten in a month.
 Il a englouti son sandwich comme s'il n'avait pas mangé depuis des jours.
 dévorer vtr
wolf in sheep's clothing n figurative ([sb] dangerous who looks harmless)loup déguisé en agneau nm
 After he stole from the company we realized that Joe was a wolf in sheep's clothing.
wolf pack meute nf
wolf spider araignée-loup nf
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