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How do I uninstall the Internet Explorer menu customization?
For Internet Explorer users, go to "Control Panel" => "Add/Remove Programs" and look for "WordReference".
For Netscape users:  just choose "Bookmarks", then "Edit Bookmarks..." and delete the link in the "Personal Toolbars Folder".

Can I translate whole sentences or web pages?
No, this is just a dictionary. 
Use it as you would use a regular dictionary.  If you would like to receive a (bad) translation of an entire web page, there are plenty of companies doing that such as AltaVista's Babelfish or Google.

Can I use a script to download each definition in the whole dictionary?
Uh... no.  The copyright for the data is held by WordReference or other companies and we are very protective of it.  Those who have tried to download each definition in the past have seen their entire organization or university get banned from the site.  Besides, it is free for all to use on the Internet, right?

Questions or Suggestions?
I'm always happy to hear what you think!  I read each message sent, but unfortunately don't often have the time to respond.   Write through the WordReference Forums Comments and Suggestions forum or the Contact Us page.


Mike Kellogg
Virginia, USA