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Κύριες Μεταφράσεις
sea n (smaller than ocean) μικρότερη από ωκεανόθάλασσα ουσ.θηλ.
 The Mediterranean is a sea, not an ocean.
 Η Μεσόγειος είναι θάλασσα, όχι ωκεανός.
sea n (expanse of salt water) όγκος αλμυρού νερούθάλασσα ουσ.θηλ.
 The sea is home to thousands of different species of fish.
 Η θάλασσα φιλοξενεί χιλιάδες διαφορετικά είδη ψαριών.
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Σύνθετοι Τύποι:
air-sea rescue n (emergency service at sea)αεροναυτική διάσωση ουσ.θηλ.
at sea adj (disorientated)αποπροσανατολισμένος, χαμένος μτχ.
 Clara was all at sea in the advanced calculus class.
at sea adv literal (on the open water)στην θάλασσα επίρ.
Note: επιρρηματικός προσδιορισμός
 The old sailor loves to recount his adventures at sea.
burial at sea n (sailor's funeral)κηδεία στην θάλασσα ουσ.θηλ.
Note: δεν υπάρχει ακριβής αντιστοιχία
 My grandfather had an honoured burial at sea.
burial at sea n (disposal of human remains or ashes into the ocean)ρίξιμο της τέφρας στην θάλασσα ουσ.ουδ.
Note: δεν υπάρχει ακριβής αντιστοιχία
by sea adv (via boat or ship)μέσω θαλάσσης επίρ.
Note: επιρρηματικός προσδιορισμός
 I hate travelling by sea because I get seasick easily.
Caribbean Sea n (part of Atlantic Ocean off Gulf of Mexico)Καραϊβική Θάλασσα ουσ.θηλ.
 I enjoyed a cruise in the Caribbean Sea, visiting Puerto Rico, Barbados and the American Virgin Islands.
Dead Sea n (body of salt water in Middle East)Νεκρά θάλασσα, Αλμυρά θάλασσα ουσ.θηλ.
 The Dead Sea is a huge salt lake between Israel and Jordan lying 422 meters below sea level.
deep-sea diver n ([sb] who scuba dives at great depths)δύτης ανοικτής θάλασσας ουσ.αρσ.
 Jacques Cousteau sometimes filmed as a deep-sea diver.
deep-sea diving n (scuba diving at great depths)καταδύσεις ανοικτής θάλασσας ουσ.θηλ.πλ.
 Deep-sea diving opens a whole new universe to scientists, engineers and archeologists.
put out to sea v (leave land, embark)σαλπάρω, αποπλέω ρ.αμ.
 We put to sea expecting an easy voyage, but the storm quickly forced us back to port.
put to sea v (leave land, embark )αποπλέω, σαλπάρω ρ.αμ.
rough sea n (stormy or choppy sea)αγριεμένη θάλασσα ουσ.θηλ.
 Rough seas prevented his return from Capri to Naples.
sea bass n (variety of marine fish)λαβράκι ουσ.ουδ.
 My favourite type of fish is sea bass.
sea breeze n (gentle wind blowing in from the sea)θαλασσινή αύρα έκφρ.
 There's a constant sea breeze in California which makes the heat tolerable.
sea captain n (commander of a ship)πλοίαρχος, καπετάνιος ουσ.αρσ.
 My grandfather was a sea captain, the master of a merchant ship.
sea cow n (manatee) θαλάσσιο ζώομανάτος, τρίκερκος ουσ.αρσ.
 In Costa Rica they take good care to preserve the sea cows.
sea dog n figurative (veteran sailor) μεταφορικάθαλασσόλυκος ουσ.αρσ.
 Captain Ahab, whose face was scarred by lightning, was the ultimate seadog.
sea level n (sea's surface height)στάθμη της θάλασσας ουσ.θηλ.
 One third of the Netherlands is at or below sea level.
sea lion n (large seal) θαλάσσιο ζώοθαλάσσιος λέων έκφρ.
sea mist n (thin fog coming in off the sea)ομίχλη/πάχνη από τη θάλασσα έκφρ.
sea otter n (marine mammal) θαλάσσιο ζώοβύδρα, ενυδρίδα ουσ.θηλ.
 Sea otters are amazingly agile swimmers, but rather clumsy on land.
sea salt n (salt extracted from the sea)θαλασσινό αλάτι έκφρ.
 I always cook with sea salt.
sea urchin n (spiky round sea creature)αχινός ουσ.αρσ.
 He stood on a sea urchin and the spines got stuck in his foot.
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