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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
birthday n (anniversary of [sb]'s birth)compleanno nm
 Claudia's birthday is in April.
 Il compleanno di Claudia è ad aprile.
Additional Translations
birthday n figurative (anniversary)anniversario nm
 Today is the birthday of our nation.
 Oggi è l'anniversario della nazione.
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
birthday cake n (cake served at birthday party)torta di compleanno nf
 The children love to blow out the candles on the birthday cake at parties.
birthday card n (greetings card given on [sb]'s birthday)biglietto di auguri di compleanno
birthday dinner n (meal to celebrate a birthday)cena di compleanno nf
birthday gift regalo di compleanno
birthday party n (celebration of a birthday)festa di compleanno nf
 It's popular for school children to have a birthday party and invite all their friends.
 Non solo ai bambini piace organizzare una festa di compleanno.
birthday present regalo di compleanno
birthday suit n slang (nakedness, bare skin) nudocome mamma lo ha fatto
 He didn't knock, so he just walked in and found me in my birthday suit.
 Ha perso il costume ed è uscito dall'acqua come mamma l'ha fatto.
 nudocostume adamitico nm
 nudotenuta adamitica nf
 Ho dimenticato il pigiama a casa, quindi in albergo ho dormito in tenuta adamitica.
birthday wishes npl (expression of celebration on [sb]'s birthday)auguri di compleanno nm
Happy Birthday interj (well-wishes on anniversary of [sb]'s birth)tanti auguri inter
 Happy Birthday Scott! I'm looking forward to your party on Friday.
 Tanti auguri per il tuo compleanno!
 buon compleanno inter
 Buon compleanno Scott!! Non vedo l'ora che arrivi la tua festa venerdì.
Happy Birthday! interj (greeting on [sb]'s birth date)buon compleanno!
have birthday compiere gli anni vtr
queen's birthday, Queen's birthday n (commonwealth celebration day)compleanno della regina
thirtieth birthday n (occasion of turning 30 years old)trentesimo compleanno nm
 I bought myself a car for my thirtieth birthday.
 Al mio trentesimo compleanno mi regali una Ferrari?
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