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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
blanket n (covering)coperta, coltre nf
 manto nm
blanket n (woollen cover or throw)coperta nf
blanket adj figurative (complete)globale, totale agg
 generalizzato agg
Additional Translations
blanket vtr figurative (cover thoroughly)ricoprire vtr
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
blanket ban n (complete or universal prohibition)divieto assoluto, divieto generalizzato nm
 messa al bando totale nf
blanket chest cassapanca nf
blanket email n (electronic message to multiple recipients)email circolare nf
blanket mortgage ipoteca multipla
blanket pardon n (mass amnesty or forgiveness)amnistia nf
blanket policy polizza scudo
blanket statement affermazione generica
blanket stitch simile ad asolapunto di rinforzo
electric blanket n (electrically-heated bedcover)coperta elettrica nf
receiving blanket coperta per neonati nf
saddle blanket n (covering for a horse worn under saddle)coperta da sella nf
security blanket n literal (child's comforter) infanziaoggetto transizionale nm
 The baby would not sleep without her security blanket.
security blanket n figurative ([sth] comforting or reassuring)oggetto che dà sicurezza nm
 figuratocoperta di Linus nf
 Insecure men often carry guns as a security blanket.
wet blanket n figurative, informal ([sb] who discourages others from having fun) figuratoguastafeste nm
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