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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
consumption n (act of consuming)consumo nm
consumption n (usage rate)consumo nm
Additional Translations
consumption n old-fashioned (tuberculosis) medicina, disusatoconsunzione nf
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
alcohol consumption n (amount of alcohol consumed)consumo di alcolici
 A woman should strictly limit her alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
alcohol consumption n (act of drinking alcoholic beverages)assunzione di alcolici
 The evidence is mounting that moderate alcohol consumption may be good for one's health.
conspicuous consumption n (display of material wealth)consumismo vistoso nm
 During a recession even the wealthiest tend to avoid conspicuous consumption.
 consumismo eccessivo nm
consumption goods beni di consumo
drug consumption n (use or intake of chemical substances)consumo di droga nm
energy consumption n (amount of energy used)consumo di energia nm
 The US is responsible for 1/4 of the world's energy consumption.
 Ogni anno si assiste ad un incremento del consumo di energia.
for public consumption adj (intended for the general public)rivolto al pubblico, ad uso pubblico agg
 The report was not intended for public consumption, and the Government was hugely embarrassed when it was published on the internet.
 Il documento non era rivolto al pubblico, così vi fu molto imbarazzo quando venne pubblicato.
fuel consumption n (use of a material to generate power)consumo di carburante nm
mass consumption n (consumerism)consumismo nm
power consumption n (energy use)consumo di energia nm
 Power consumption in big cities is generally much higher that in smaller towns.
 Normalmente nelle metropoli il consumo di energia è decisamente più alto che non nelle città di provincia.
unfit for human consumption adj (not safe to eat)non commestibile agg
 The 60-year-old chocolate was unfit for human consumption.
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