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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
English n (language of England) linguainglese nm
 English is spoken by many people.
 L'inglese è parlato da molti.
the English npl (people of England) abitantiinglesi nmpl
 The English drink tea.
 Gli inglesi bevono il tè.
English adj (of or from England)inglese agg
 This is an English company.
 Questa è un'azienda inglese.
English adj (in or of the language of England)inglese agg
 English words are sometimes difficult for French people to pronounce.
 Per i francesi a volte le parole inglesi sono difficili da pronunciare.
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
American English n (English language as used in the United States)inglese americano nm
basic English n (rudimentary knowledge of English language)inglese scolastico nm
 The French-speaking safari guide learned basic English so he could lead British and American tourists.
 * Dato il mio inglese scolastico ho qualche problema quando mi trovo all'estero.
 inglese a livello base nm
British English n (English language as used in Great Britain)inglese britannico nm
British English adj (English as used in Great Britain)in inglese britannico agg
business English n (English language as used in business context)inglese commerciale nm
conversational English n (colloquial English language)inglese colloquiale nm
 She started taking courses in conversational English.
 È previsto anche un esame di inglese colloquiale.
correct English inglese corretto
Do you speak English? parli inglese? loc verb
English Channel n (waterway between England and France)Canale della Manica nm
English horn n (musical instrument: similar to oboe)corno inglese nm
English muffin n (crumpet) dolce tipico UK a forma di disco,tostatomuffin nm
 Every morning for breakfast, she ate a toasted English muffin with plenty of butter.
 Ogni mattina a colazione mangiava un muffin tostato con parecchio burro.
English setter n (breed of bird dog)Setter inglese nm
 English setters are pointing dogs with relatively long hair.
 Il Setter inglese è il tipico segugio da punta.
English slang n (very informal British English)inglese gergale, inglese colloquiale nm
 Mucker is an English slang term for "friend".
 Nell'inglese gergale "bloke" sta per "tizio".
English slang n (very informal English term)slang inglese nm
English speaking, English-speaking adj (having English as first language)di lingua inglese avv
Nota: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
  Australia and the USA are English-speaking countries.
 madrelingua inglese agg
English Springer english springer
English Springer spaniel n (breed of dog) caneEnglish Springer Spaniel nm
English toy spaniel n (breed of dog)King Charles Spaniel nm
 The English toy spaniel that Mary was exercising in the park was much smaller than my dog.
English-speaking anglofono adj
full English breakfast n (morning meal of eggs, bacon, etc.)colazione all'inglese nf
good English n (competent use of the English language)buona conoscenza dell’inglese nf
 Good English is a necessity for any foreign student wishing to study at an English university.
 Uno dei requisiti per questo tipo di lavoro è una buona conoscenza dell’inglese.
half-English mezzo inglese
I don't speak English non parlo inglese
I don't understand English non capisco l'inglese
in plain English adv (in clear and simple language)in parole povere
Middle English inglese medievale
Old English inglese antico
Old English Sheepdog bobtail
pidgin English inglese pidgin
plain English in parole povere
Queen's English n (standard variety of English language)inglese corretto nm
 I don't understand you! Why can't you speak the Queen's English?!
teach [sb] the basics of English v expr (give [sb] elementary English lessons)insegnare a qn le basi dell'inglese
 We decided to teach them the basics of English.
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