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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
hotel n (temporary accommodation)albergo, hotel nm
 They stayed in a hotel on their trip to Chicago.
 Sono stati in un albergo durante il loro viaggio a Chicago.
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
apartment hotel residence
floating hotel hotel galleggiante
hotel booking n (reservation of a hotel room)prenotazione in albergo, prenotazione in hotel nf
hotel business attività alberghiera
hotel concierge n (hotel employee providing special services for guests)receptionist, portiere di albergo nm
hotel guest n ([sb] staying at a hotel)ospite dell'albergo, ospite dell'hotel nm
hotel manager n ([sb] who runs a hotel)direttore dell'albergo nm
 We were very impressed when the hotel manager personally escorted us to our suite.
 Ci ha colpito il fatto che il direttore dell'albergo ci abbia scortato fino alla suite.
 manager dell'albergo, manager dell'hotel nm
hotel owner proprietarioproprietario di albergo nm
hotel rack carrè di agnello
hotel reservation n (room booked at a hotel)prenotazione in albergo, prenotazione in hotel nf
hotel room n (room in a hotel)stanza d'albergo nf
 It is a spacious hotel room.
hotel staff n (employees of a hotel)personale dell'hotel nm
motor hotel albergo d'autostrada nm
private hotel albergo privato
residential hotel n (apartment complex with maid service)residence nm
single hotel room n (accommodation for one person in a hotel )camera singola nf
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