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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
joy n (delight)gioia nf
 He couldn't hide his joy when he heard that his enemy had been fired.
 Non riusciva a nascondere la gioia quando ha saputo che avevano sparato al suonemico.
Additional Translations
joy n (source of pleasure)gioia nf
 fonte di gioia nf
 Reading books was his joy.
 Leggere libri è la sua gioia.
 New: leggere libri è la sua fonte di gioia.
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WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms/Forme composte
joy riding n (driving a vehicle without owner's consent)rubare auto per divertimento
 Joy riding is a favorite pastime of youths around here, so you had better take care to always lock your car doors.
pride and joy n informal ([sb] or [sth] most treasured)vanto e gioia
shout for joy gridare di gioia
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