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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
lamp n (device)lampada nf
lamp n (torch, flashlight)torcia elettrica, torcia nf
 colloquiale: torciapila nf
Additional Translations
lamp n (light bulb)lampadina nf
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
arc lamp lampada ad arco
desk lamp n (angle-poise lamp)lampada da tavolo
discharge lamp lampada a scarica
electric lamp lampada elettrica
flash lamp fotografiaflash nm
floor lamp lampada da terra
floor lamp lampada a stelo
fluorescent lamp lampada fluorescente
fog lamp antinebbia nf
gas lamp n (lamp burning gas)lampada a gas nf
heat lamp n (infrared light used for physical therapy)lampada a raggi infrarossi nf
 Once the chicks hatched, they were placed under a heat lamp.
hurricane lamp n (lamp with a glass covering)lampada antivento, lanterna antivento nf
 A hurricane lamp is useful when camping in a high wind.
 In campeggio, la lampada antivento è indispensabile.
incandescent lamp n (type of electric light )lampada a incandescenza nf
kerosene lamp n (light fuelled by paraffin)lampada a petrolio
lamp oil n (kerosene)olio per lampade
 cherosene nm
 The shack was simply lit with lights made from old glass bottles with wicks dipped in lamp oil.
lamp post n (pole from which streetlight is suspended)palo della luce
lamp shade, lampshade n (cover that softens light from a bulb)paralume nm
lamp socket portalampada
lava lamp n (lamp containing wax in coloured liquid)lampada di lava
mercury lamp lampada al mercurio
oil lamp n (lamp that burns fuel)lampada ad olio, lampada a petrolio nf
 Oil lamps are useful to have when the electricity goes out.
 Prima della scoperta dell'elettricità si usavano lampade ad olio e candele.
portable lamp n (small lamp that can be carried)lampada portatile nf
 The company got started by marketing portable lamps to college students.
 torcia, pila nf
projector lamp proiettore nm
reading lamp lampada da lettura
street lamp n (tall light at side of a road)lampione nm
 The city recently installed street lamps in our neighborhood.
 Il comune ha recentemente istallato dei lampioni nel nostro quartiere.
table lamp n (small free-standing lamp)lampada da tavolo nf
 She's going mad because her husband always knocks the table lamp over.
 Sulla scrivania antica ho messo una modernissima lampada da tavolo.
tail lamp n UK (vehicle's rear light)fanale posteriore, fanalino posteriore nm
 luce posteriore nf
tail lamp US (tail light)fanale posteriore, fanalino posteriore nm
 As Oscar was backing up he hit a tree and broke out the tail light of his new car.
 Facendo retromarcia, Oscar ha dato un colpo contro un albero e ha spaccato un fanale posteriore della sua auto nuova.
wall lamp n (wall-mounted light)lampada da parete nf
 The victorian home has beautiful wall lamps made of bronze.
 La classica dimora vittoriana ha bellissime lampade da parete in bronzo.
 applique nf
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