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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
landscape n (rural scenery)paesaggio, panorama nm
 veduta, vista nf
 We stopped at the top of the mountain to admire the landscape.
 Ci siamo fermati in cima al monte per ammirare il paesaggio.
landscape n (painting of a rural scene) dipinto di una scena ruralepaesaggio nm
 They bought a landscape at the art auction.
 Hanno acquistato un paesaggio all'asta di oggetti d'arte.
landscape [sth] vtr (design and plant for improved appearance)disegnare, progettare vtr
 My parents are going to landscape the front of their new house.
 I miei genitori disegneranno l'area antistante la loro nuova casa.
landscape adj (paper format: not portrait)orizzontale agg
Additional Translations
landscape adj (of a type of gardener or gardening) architetturagiardino nm
 Our son found work as a landscape architect.
 Nostro figlio ha trovato lavoro come architetto di giardini.
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
edible landscape n (food gardening)giardinaggio alimentare nm
landscape architect paesaggista
landscape architect architetto del paesaggio
landscape architecture architettura del paesaggio
landscape designer n ([sb] who plans layout of gardens)designer del paesaggio
landscape gardener n ([sb] who designs gardens)designer di giardini
 Capability Brown was a famous 18th Century landscape gardener who designed the gardens in many English stately homes.
landscape gardening n (garden design)design del paesaggio
 I don't know what to do with the land around my house so I will ask a man who knows about landscape gardening.
landscape painter n (artist who depicts natural scenery)paesaggista nm
 John Constable is one of England's most popular landscape painters.
 John Constable è uno dei più famosi paesaggisti inglesi.
landscape painting n (art: depicting natural scenery)dipinto paesaggistico
 I prefer to paint portraits as I am not very good at landscape painting.
landscape theme n (idea behind garden design )tema paesaggistico nm
landscape view n (document: horizontal format) foto, immaginiorientamento orizzontale nm
lunar landscape n (cratered surface of the moon)paesaggio lunare nm
 Lake Mungo is said to resemble a lunar landscape.
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