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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
lap n (thighs when sitting down)grembo nm
lap n (once round a racetrack)giro nm
lap n (once round a running track)giro nm
lap [sth], lap at [sth], lap up, lap [sth] up vtr (lick up with tongue)lappare, leccare vtr
Additional Translations
lap [sb] vtr (race: be one lap ahead of) superare di un girodoppiare vtr
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WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms/Forme composte
first lap primo giro
lap counter n (device for tracking number of circuits)contagiri nm
lap dance n (type of erotic dance at close quarters)lap dance nf
lap dance vi (perform a type of erotic dance)ballare la lap dance
lap dancing n (performance of a type of erotic dance)lap dance nf
lap dog cagnolino nm
lap dog lecchino
lap link giunto a sovrapposizione
lap of honor, UK: lap of honour n US (sport: winner's extra lap) sportgiro d'onore nm
 The winning racer took a lap of honour around the track while the crowd cheered.
lap of luxury n figurative (material comforts)il lusso più sfrenato
 mollezze, comodità nfpl
lap siding sovrapposizione laterale
lap size, lap-size adj (small enough to fit in the lap)di taglia adatta ad essere poggiato sulle ginocchia
Nota: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
lap up vtr phrasal sep literal (drink by scooping up with tongue) riferito ad animalilappare, leccare vtr
 The dog thirstily lapped up the water from its water bowl.
 Il cane si è lappato tutta l'acqua della ciotola.
lap up vtr phrasal sep figurative (take in eagerly) informale: credere ciecamentebersi vtr
 He keeps flattering her, and she is lapping it up.
 Lui la riempie di complimenti e lei si beve tutto.
 informale: credere ciecamentecascarci, abboccare vi
last lap ultimo giro
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