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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
nut n (edible hard fruit)noce, nocciola nf
nut n (edible kernel) di nocegheriglio nm
nut n (metal screw that goes on a bolt)dado nm
nut n slang, figurative (crazy person) colloquialesvitato, matto, tocco nm
nut n informal (person: fan, enthusiast)fanatico, patito nm
nuts adj slang (person: crazy) informalesvitato, matto, tocco agg
 informalefuori di testa loc agg
nuts npl slang, figurative (testicles) volgare: testicolipalle, balle nfpl
 volgare: testicolicoglioni nmpl
Additional Translations
nut [sb] vtr UK, slang (headbutt)dare una testata a vtr
 He nutted him and ran off as he lay on the ground with his head bleeding.
 Gli ha dato una testata ed è scappato mentre quello si è accasciato al suolo con la testa insanguinata.
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
nut | NUT |
betel nut noce di betel
brazil nut n (edible South American nut) fruttonoce brasiliana nf
 In a bowl of mixed nuts the brazil nuts are the largest ones.
 * Vado matto per le noci brasiliane.
brazil nut n (South American nut tree) alberonoce brasiliano nm
 Some people think that Brazil was named after the brazil nut tree.
 * Mi piacerebbe piantare in giardino un noce brasiliano.
cashew nut n (type of Brazilian nut)anacardo nm
Nota: In AE, often referred to just as "cashews".
 I'm not really allergic to cashew nuts - I just don't like them.
 Non è che sia allergico agli anacardi, è che non mi piacciono.
ginger nut n UK (ginger snap: ginger-flavoured cookie)biscotto di pan di zenzero, biscotto di zenzero nm
 I was surprised to learn that ginger nuts aren't nuts at all, but cookies.
ginger nut n slang (auburn-haired person, redhead)pel di carota nm
 Dave is a ginger nut.
kola nut n (fruit of the kola tree)noce di cola nf
lock nut controdado nm
lock nut dado di sicurezza
lug nut aletta
macadamia nut n (edible seed of macadamia tree)noce macadamia nf
 Macademia nuts are much more expensive than most other types of nut.
nut and bolt n (steel fastening) meccanicabullone nm
nut bread n (bread containing nuts)pane con le noci nm
 I love nut bread for breakfast.
nut bread n (vegetarian dish: nut loaf)pane con le noci nm
 It is easy to make a dish similar to a hamburger with nut bread.
nut brown (color) nocciola
nut driver n (tool for screwing head onto a bolt) meccanicachiave nf
nut oil olio di noce
nut-brown di color nocciola
nut-oil olio di noce
nut-tree noce (albero)
pine nut n (seed of the pine tree)pinolo nm
 Pesto sauce is made from pine nuts, basil , olive oil and parmesan cheese.
 Il pesto è fatto con basilico, pinoli, olio d'oliva e parmigiano.
pine nuts npl (seeds of pine tree: as snack, etc.)pinoli nmpl
 Many recipes for pesto call for ground-up pine nuts.
 * I pinoli si usano in molte ricette siciliane.
ring nut ghiera nf
screw nut mecc.dado
soy nut n (roasted soya bean)noce di soia
tough nut n (difficult person) figurato: persona difficileosso duro nm
tough nut to crack n ([sb] hard to persuade) persona cocciuta, che non cambia ideatesta dura nf
 Good luck getting him to agree, he's a tough nut to crack.
 cocciuto, testardo, testone agg
tough nut to crack n ([sth] hard to solve) figurato: difficilecosa tosta nf
 This algebra equation is a tough nut to crack.
wing nut n (threaded nut with extensions for turning) meccanicadado a farfalla nm
wing nut n ([sb] deranged, obsessed)matto, fuori di testa
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