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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
poison n (dangerous liquid)veleno nm
poison n figurative ([sth] harmful) figuratoveleno nm
poison vtr (give poison to)avvelenare vtr
Additional Translations
poison vtr (relationship) figuratoavvelenare, corrompere vtr
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WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms/Forme composte
poison dart frog n (brightly-coloured amphibian)rana da veleno per frecce
poison gas n (weapon: toxic vapour)gas tossico nm
 Poison gas was used by both sides during the Great War.
 I gas tossici furono usati da entrambe le parti durante la Grande Guerra.
poison ivy n (plant which causes skin rash)edera velenosa, edera del Canada nf
 The children were playing in poison Ivy. Now they itch all over.
poison oak n (plant which causes skin rash)rovere velenosa nf
 I brushed my arm against poison oak and later broke out in a rash on that same arm.
poison pen letter, poison-pen letter n figurative (spiteful or defamatory letter)lettera diffamatoria nf
 Someone in the village is writing poison-pen letters to his family.
 Qualcuno del villaggio sta scrivendo lettere diffamatorie alla sua famiglia.
poison sumac sommacco velenoso
poison-pen dalla penna velenosa
rat poison n (substance toxic to rodents)veleno per topi, topicida nm
 Many rat poisons kill the rodents by interfering with blood coagulation.
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