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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
pry vi (ask personal questions)curiosare, impicciarsi, ficcare il naso vi
 informaleficcare il naso vtr
pry vtr (physically: with lever)sollevare con una leva, fare leva vtr
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
pry away vtr phrasal sep (draw away with difficulty)staccare, portare via vtr
 Once my son got his own laptop, I could scarcely pry him away from it.
 Da quando mio figio ha ricevuto il suo laptop nuovo, non riesco più a staccarlo da lì davanti!
pry into vtr phrasal insep (enquire about: [sth] not one's business)immischiarsi in v rif
 It's rude to pry into others' business.
pry loose v expr (loosen [sth] by pulling)tirare via, staccare vtr
pry out vtr phrasal sep (extract by pulling or levering) anche figuratocavare fuori qc vtr
 estrarre qc a forza vtr
 I had to pry it out of her, but she finally admitted she was having an affair.
 Ho dovuto cavarglielo fuori, ma alla fine ha ammesso che aveva una storia con un altro.
pry [sth] open v (open [sth] by pulling or levering)forzare l'apertura di qualcosa
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