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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
sales (econ.)volume delle vendite nfpl
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
door-to-door sales npl (selling: knocking on doors)vendita porta a porta nf
export sales vendite di esportazione nfpl
inside sales npl (selling done from the premises)vendite via telefono, telemarketing
Nota: Si riferisce a vendite fatte senza visitare i potenziali clienti, bensì contattandoli direttamente dall'azienda, tipicamente via telefono
like-for-like sales npl (equivalent commercial success) finanzaconfronto vendite periodo su periodo
retail sales npl (shop selling)vendita al dettaglio nf
 I worked in retail sales for many years.
sales account conto vendite
sales account conto vendite
sales agency agenzia di vendita
sales agent n (commercial representative)agente di commercio nm
sales allowance n (discount)sconto, ribasso nm
sales assistant n (store attendant)commesso nm
 The sales assistant helped me find the clothes that I was looking for.
 La commessa mi aiutò a trovare gli abiti che stavo cercando.
sales associate n (salesperson)commesso, venditore nm
 The sales associate helped the customer pick out and buy the product he needed.
 addetto alle vendite nm
sales campaign n (product promotion and publicity) pubblicitàpromozione nf
 campagna vendite nf
sales channel n (means of selling [sth], outlet)canale di vendita nm
sales check n US (receipt)scontrino fiscale nm
sales clerk n US (shop assistant)commesso nm
 If you need help locating something in the store, just ask a sales clerk.
 Se avete bisogno di aiuto per trovare qualcosa nel negozio, chiedete a un commesso.
sales clerk n US (assistant in a shop)commesso, assistente alle vendite nm
sales clerk n US (shop assistant)commesso, assistente alle vendite nm
 If you need help locating something in the store, just ask a sales clerk.
sales conference n (meeting of salespeople)riunione vendite nf
Sales Department n (section of a business that does the selling)reparto vendite, ufficio vendite nm
sales engineer funzionario tecnico commerciale
sales figure npl (money: takings)fatturato nm
 What are your sales figures for the second quarter?
 Il fatturato quest'anno è stato di 7 milioni di euro.
sales figures npl (statement of money made from sales)fatturato nm
 What are your sales figures for the second quarter?
 Qual è stato il tuo fatturato nel secondo trimestre?
sales force n (team of salespeople)venditori, addetti alle vendite nmpl
sales lead n (potential customer)potenziale cliente nm
sales ledger n (record of business accounts)partitario delle vendite nm
 The accountant was responsible for keeping the sales ledger accurate.
sales manager n (leader of a sales team)direttore vendite nm
 The sales manager let the employees go home early.
sales meeting n (briefing of sales representatives)riunione vendite nf
sales monitoring n (tracking what is sold to whom)monitoraggio delle vendite nm
sales personnel personale addetto alle vendite
sales pitch n (promotional talk)discorso per indurre a vendere nm
 He gave such a convincing sales pitch that I bought the expensive car without hesitating.
sales proceeds ricavi di venditafatturato nm
sales promotion n (special marketing of a product)promozione delle vendite, azione di marketing nf
sales quantity n (amount or number sold)volume di vendita nm
sales receipt n (slip or document: proof of payment)scontrino nm
 ricevuta nf
sales register n (cash till)registratore di cassa nm
 I'll ring up your purchases at the sales register over there.
 cassa nf
sales rep n abbr (salesperson, representative)venditore, addetto alle vendite nm
 The sales rep has an appointment to call on us next week, to show us the new line of products for spring.
sales representative n (commercial agent)rappresentante commerciale nm
sales slip n (document: proof of payment)scontrino nm
 ricevuta nf
Sales Support n (administrative assistant to salesperson)assistente alle vendite nm
sales tax n (tax on goods and services paid by the buyer)IVA, imposta sul valore aggiunto nf
 We drove to New Jersey to buy the refrigerator because of New York's high sales tax.
sales team n (group of agents responsible for selling)reparto vendite nm
sales tip n (piece of advice on how to sell)consiglio di vendita, suggerimento di vendita nm
sales tool n ([sth] used to aid selling)strumento di vendita nm
sales tracking n (monitoring quantities of goods sold)monitoraggio delle vendite nm
sales volume n (quantity of goods sold)volume di vendita nm
sales woman donna al banco venditecommessa nf
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