For the verb: "to sleep"

Simple Past: slept
Past Participle: slept

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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
sleep vi (be asleep)dormire vi
 I slept for nine hours last night.
 La notte scorsa ho dormito nove ore.
sleep n (period of sleeping)sonno nm
 andare a dormire, dormire vi
 It's time for sleep, children.
 * Ho bisogno di almeno otto ore di sonno per essere riposato.
 È ora di andare a dormire, bambini.
Additional Translations
sleep n (death of animals)sopprimere, abbattere vtr
 He had to put his dog to sleep.
 Ha dovuto fare sopprimere il cane.
sleep n figurative (dormant state)sonno nm
 The flower is closing in sleep.
sleep vi figurative (be inattentive) figurato: distrarsidormire vi
 The man was sleeping and didn't notice it was his turn.
 L'uomo dormiva e non si è accorto che era il suo turno.
sleep vtr (accommodate for sleeping)ospitare vtr
 Their holiday cottage will sleep eight people.
 Il loro cottage per le vacanze può ospitare otto persone.
sleep vtr (rid of by sleeping)farsi passare dormendo, smaltire dormendo vi
 Lie down and try to sleep off the headache.
 Coricati e prova a farti passare il mal di testa dormendo.
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WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms/Forme composte
a little sleep un po' di riposo
beauty sleep primo sonno
deep sleep n (most profound stage in sleep cycle)sonno profondo nm
 She did not hear the fire alarm or the shouts of her children, she was in such a deep sleep.
 Dormiva di un tale sonno profondo che non sentì nemmeno l'allarme antincendio.
 dormire profondamente vi
 Non sentì bussare alla porta perché dormiva profondamente.
dreamless sleep dormire senza sognare
eternal sleep n poetic (death) poeticosonno eterno, eterno riposo nm
 Il vecchio reclinò il capo e si addormentò di un sonno eterno.
fitful sleep sonno irregolare
go to sleep vi (fall asleep, lose consciousness)addormentarsi v rif
 I can't go to sleep with all this noise going on.
good night's sleep un buon sonno
heavy sleep sonno pesante adj
lay me down to sleep mettermi a dormire
light sleep sonno leggero
peaceful sleep sonno beato
put to sleep v expr literal (make drowsy or unconscious)far addormentare
 The sleeping pills quickly put me to sleep.
put to sleep v expr euphemism (animal: kill as an act of mercy) uccideresopprimere vtr
 I was heartbroken when my cat had to be put to sleep.
put to sleep v expr figurative (bore)fare addormentare vtr
 He talked for so long it put me to sleep.
 Era così noioso da farmi addormentare.
restful sleep sonno riposante
send to sleep v expr (lull, make sleepy)far addormentare, mettere sonno vtr
 The professor's voice would send the class to sleep.
send to sleep v expr figurative (bore) figurato: essere noiosofar addormentare, conciliare il sonno vtr
sleep apnea, UK: sleep apnoea n US (interrupted breathing during sleep)apnea notturna nf
sleep around vi phrasal informal (have casual sex)fare sesso in giro
sleep deprived, sleep-deprived adj (not having slept enough)carente di sonno
Nota: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
sleep in vi phrasal (sleep until later than usual)dormire fino a tardi
sleep late v expr (wake up later than usual)dormire fino a tardi
 I usually sleep late on Sundays.
sleep off vtr phrasal sep informal (recover from by sleeping)dormirci sopra vi
 dormendosmaltire vtr
 He had a lot to drink last night, and is still sleeping it off.
 Ieri sera ha bevuto parechio, e adesso sta ancora smaltendo la sbornia a letto.
sleep on vtr phrasal insep literal (lie on to sleep)dormire su vi
 His back hurts because he sleeps on a concrete floor.
sleep on vtr phrasal insep figurative (not decide until next morning)dormirci sopra vi
 Don't give me an answer now; sleep on it and tell me tomorrow.
sleep on it v expr informal, figurative (contemplate [sth] overnight)dormirci sopra vi
sleep out dormire fuori casa
sleep over vi phrasal (spend the night at [sb]'s house)dormire a casa di qn
sleep schedule n (cycle or patterns of sleeping)ciclo di sonno
Sleep tight interj (Sleep well)dormi bene
sleep together vi phrasal informal, euphemism (have sex with one another) figuratodormire insieme
sleep well v expr (have a restful sleep)dormire bene vi
 I felt really good in my new house, so I slept well that night.
sleep well interj informal (have a restful sleep)buon sonno nm
 dormi bene
sleep with vtr informal, euphemism (have sex with)andare a letto con
sleep with [sb] vtr phrasal informal, euphemism (have sex with [sb])andare a letto con qn vi
 The proper young lady did not want to sleep with anyone until she was married,.
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