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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
sterling n (British money)sterlina nf
sterling adj (silver: pure)finissimo agg
 di alta qualità
Additional Translations
sterling adj (excellent)ottimo, perfetto, eccellente agg
sterling n (silver)argento sterling nm
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
pound sterling n (British unit of currency) UK, formalelira sterlina nf
Nota: We only use the term "pound sterling" as opposed to "pounds" when talking about currencies, not when buying things in the shops or talking about money in general.
 The pound sterling is doing very badly against the Euro and the dollar.
 La lira sterlina è la valuta del Regno Unito.
 UKsterlina nf
 Il cambio Euro-Sterlina è piuttosto alto.
sterling silver n (silver strengthened by alloy)argento sterling nm
 I love my new sterling silver earrings, they are beautiful.
sterling silver flatware n (cutlery made of silver alloy)posate in argento sterling
 For our wedding, we registered for sterling silver flatware, which we planned to use as an alternative to our everyday silverware.
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