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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
straw n (stalk of cereal plant)paglia nf
straw n (animal fodder: dried cereal)foraggio nm
straw n (thin tube for drinking)cannuccia nf
straw n as adj (made of straw)di paglia, in paglia
Additional Translations
straw adj (yellow in colour)color paglia
 biondo agg
straw n (material for baskets)paglia nf
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WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms/Forme composte
barley straw paglia d'orzo
drinking straw n (thin plastic tube for sucking up liquids)cannuccia nf
Nota: often shortened to "straw"
 We only use paper drinking straws because they are environmentally friendly.
 Vorrei una limonata con la cannuccia.
last straw n figurative (final source of irritation)ultima goccia nf
 idiomaticogoccia che fa traboccare il vaso
straw ballot n (unofficial poll or vote)sondaggio pre-elettorale nm
 voto informale nm
straw dog n figurative ([sth] created to be destroyed)oggetto da sacrificare
straw hat n (hat woven from dried stalks)cappello di paglia
 She wore shorts, a t-shirt and a straw hat to protect her head from the glare of the sun.
straw man n figurative (insubstantial argument)argomentazione fittizia nf
 diversivo nm
 The argument was a straw man, which the Prime Minister put up to divert attention from the true weakness of his position.
straw mattress n (bed padding filled with straw)pagliericcio nm
 People used to use straw mattresses instead of spring mattresses.
straw poll n (unofficial survey or vote)voto informale nm
the last straw l'ultima goccia nf
wheat-straw paglia di grano
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