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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
television n (medium)televisione nf
 I watch television for around two hours a day.
 Guardo la televisione circa due ore al giorno.
television n (appliance)televisore nm
 The television is dirty and needs to be cleaned.
 Il televisore è sporco e deve essere pulito.
Additional Translations
television n (industry)televisione nf
 She works in television as a director.
 Lavora in televisione come regista.
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
black-and-white television n (TV set that cannot display colours)televisore in bianco e nero nm
 My parents remember the days when black-and-white television was the only type of TV available.
 Ho ancora un vecchio televisore in bianco e nero funzionante.
black-and-white television n (TV shows filmed in black and white)televisione in bianco e nero nf
 Erano ancora i tempi della televisione in bianco e nero.
cable television n (tv broadcasting via cable)TV via cavo nf
closed-circuit television n (security: monitoring system)TV a circuito chiuso
color television, UK: colour television n US (tv set showing images in colour)televisore a colori
color television, UK: colour television n US (tv broadcast in colour)televisione a colori
educational television televisione educativa
Italian State Television RAI nf
on television adv (being shown on TV)in televisione avv
plasma television n (type of flatscreen TV)televisore al plasma
public television televisione pubblica
reality television n (TV about real-life situations or people)reality show nm
television audience n (people watching tv)pubblico televisivo nm
 Judging by the programs that are aired these days, a lot of people in the television audience like to watch violence.
 A giudicare dai programmi che trasmettono oggigiorno, al pubblico televisivo piace la violenza.
television broadcast n ([sth] shown on tv)programma televisivo nm
 That old cop show was my favorite television broadcast.
 trasmissione televisiva nf
television broadcasting n (transmitting images on tv)la trasmissione in TV
 They use a lot of fancy equipment for television broadcasting.
television camera n (device that films moving images for tv)telecamera nf
 Very proud of her new television camera, Rhonda brought it to the scene of the accident.
television channel n (tv station)canale televisivo nm
 I can't stand the silly stuff they show on that television channel.
 Non sopporto i canali televisivi che trasmettono solo televendite.
television commercial n (advertisement shown on TV)pubblicità televisiva nf
television drama (telev.)serie drammatica per la tv
television play (telev.)rappresentazione televisiva
television program programma televisivo
television programme, US: television show n UK (TV show)programma televisivo nm
television receiver (telev.)ricevitore televisivo
television reception (telev.)ricezione televisiva
television reporter n (journalist working in TV)giornalista televisivo nm
television season n (set of episodes of a TV show)stagione televisiva nf
television serial n (drama televised in episodes)programma a puntate, serie TV, serie televisiva
television series n (TV show)serie TV, serie televisiva nf
television set n (appliance that receives tv signals)televisore nm
 Since I bought my new television set with a plasma screen, all I do is sit around and watch TV.
 Da quando ho comperato un televisore al plasma, non faccio altro che guardare sport alla TV.
television show n (tv programme)programma televisivo, show nm
 Television shows from the 70s seem pretty stupid to me now.
television soap n abbr (long-running TV drama serial)telenovela nf
television station n (tv channel)canale televisivo nm
 What's your favorite television station?
television studio n (building where tv shows are filmed)studio televisivo nm
 Movie stars are hardly seen in television studios.
television technician (telev.)tecnico televisivo
television transmission (telev.)trasmissione televisiva
television transmitter (telev.)trasmettitore televisivo
television-viewer spettatore televisivo
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