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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
threat n (menace, intent to hurt)minaccia nf
 The thief's threat was enough to get everyone to cooperate.
 La minaccia del ladro era abbastanza per convincere tutti a collaborare.
threats npl (intimidation)minacce nfpl
threat n (risk)minaccia nf
 The threat of bad weather kept him home that night.
 La minaccia del brutto tempo l'ha tenuto in casa quella notte.
a threat (to [sth]) n (dangerous person)minaccia nf
 The criminal was considered a threat to society.
 Il criminale era considerato una minaccia per la società.
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
be under threat v expr (be endangered, be at risk)essere sotto minaccia vi
death threat n (statement of intent to kill [sb])minaccia di morte
developing threat n (potential danger that is growing)crescente minaccia nf
empty threat n (threat unlikely to be fulfilled)minaccia vuota nf
idle threat n ([sth] said with no intent to follow through)false minacce, minacce a vuoto nfpl
implied threat n (suggestion of harmful intent)minaccia implicita nf
negotiating with the threat of using force trattativa con minaccia all'uso della forza
pose a threat viminacciare, costituire una minaccia vtr
threat of expulsion minaccia di espulsione
threat to herself minaccia per se stessa
threat to your health n ([sth] dangerous or unsanitary)minaccia per la salute nf
 Everyone knows that smoking is a threat to your health.
 Tutti sanno che fumare è una minaccia per la salute.
triple threat tripla minaccia nf
under threat sotto minaccia
veiled threat n figurative (implication of harmful intent)minaccia velata nf
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