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Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali
vocational adj (for professional training)professionale agg
 attitudinale agg
 Some students choose vocational schools for their secondary education.
 Alcuni studenti scelgono delle scuole professionali per la loro istruzione secondaria.
vocational adj (related to an occupation)vocazionale agg
 occupazionale agg
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Compound Forms/Forme composte
vocational certificate n (professional qualification)diploma professionale nm
vocational diploma n (professional qualification)diploma professionale nm
vocational education n (training for a career)formazione professionale nf
vocational guidance n (careers advice)consulenza per la formazione professionale nm
 tutoraggio nm
 I went to the careers office to get some vocational guidance.
vocational institution n (college providing professional training)istituto professionale nm
 scuola professionale nf
vocational rehabilitation n (assisting disabled people into careers)riabilitazione professionale nf
vocational school n (college that prepares and qualifies for a career)istituto professionale nm
 scuola professionale nf
 Instead of attending a university, some people enrol in vocational schools to learn various trades.
vocational training n (practical study for a career)corso di formazione professionale nm
 Trade schools offer vocational training for people who want to be electricians, mechanics, and other professionals.
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