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English n (language)英語
 English is spoken by many people.
English npl (inhabitants of England)英国人 、 イギリス人
 The English drink tea.
 英国人(or: イギリス人)は紅茶を飲む。
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American English アメリカ英語、米語
basic English n (rudimentary knowledge of English language)基礎英語
 The French-speaking safari guide learned basic English so he could lead British and American tourists.
British English イギリス英語
business English ビジネス英語
conversational English n (colloquial English language)会話英語
 She started taking courses in conversational English.
English horn n (musical instrument: similar to oboe) 楽器イングリッシュホルン
English muffin n (crumpet) 食品イングリッシュマフィン
 Every morning for breakfast, she ate a toasted English muffin with plenty of butter.
English setter n (breed of bird dog) イングリッシュセッター
 English setters are pointing dogs with relatively long hair.
English slang n (very informal British English)イギリス英語の俗語、スラング
 Mucker is an English slang term for "friend".
English slang n (very informal English term)英語の俗語、スラング
English speaking, English-speaking adj (having English as first language)英語圏の、英語を母語とする
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 Australia and the USA are English-speaking countries.
English Springer spaniel n (breed of dog) イングリッシュスプリンガースパニエル
English toy spaniel n (breed of dog) イングリッシュトーイスパニエル
 The English toy spaniel that Mary was exercising in the park was much smaller than my dog.
good English n (competent use of the English language)流暢な英語、英語が堪能なこと
 Good English is a necessity for any foreign student wishing to study at an English university.
in plain English 分かり易い英語で、平易な英語で
Queen's English n (standard variety of English language) 言語イギリス英語、クィーンズイングリッシュ
 I don't understand you! Why can't you speak the Queen's English?!
teach [sb] the basics of English v (give [sb] elementary English lessons)~に英語の基礎を教える
 We decided to teach them the basics of English.
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