動詞: "to light"

過去形: lit, lighted
過去分詞形: lit, lighted

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light n (illumination) 光り輝くこと光 、 明かり 、 光線 、 輝き 、 後光
 Could we have some light in the room? It's too dark.
light n (lamp) ランプ照明 、 ライト 、 電灯 、 灯り 、 ともし火
 We have three lights in this room.
 この部屋には照明(or: ライト)が3つある。
 * 男が街灯の下に立っていた。
light n (traffic light) 交通信号
 The traffic stopped when the light turned red.
light n figurative (viewpoint) 見地視点 、 見通し 、 観点 、 方向 、 立場
 He always saw things in a negative light.
 彼はいつも物事を否定的な立場(or: 観点、視点)から見る。
light adj (weight) 重さ軽い 、 軽量な
 Give me the heavy bag, and you can carry the light one.
light adj (faint)かすかな 、 かすんだ 、 ぼけた 、 薄い
 You could only see a light line of the mountains.
light adj (easy) 「難しい」の逆簡単な 、 軽い 、 楽な 、 易しい 、 平易な
 Take a little light exercise - nothing too strenuous.
 * これはちょっとしたお礼です。
light adj (colour: pale) 色が薄い 、 淡い 、 薄めの
 Have you seen my light blue shirt?
light, light up vi (become bright) 光を発する明るくなる 、 発光する 、 輝く 自動
 Give it a moment and the room will light up.
light vtr (ignite)火をつける 、 ~に点火する 他動
 I will light the petrol to set off the fire.
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light sth:

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lite adj informal (light: low-fat, low-sugar, etc.) 食品などライトな、低カロリーの、低糖の、低アルコールの
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beam of light n (narrow ray of light)光線
 The room was totally dark except for a small beam of light shining through a small hole in the roof.
black light n (ultraviolet lamp)不可視光線
 Did you know that bodily fluids and scorpions are visible under a black light?
blinding light n (intensely bright light)すさまじい光線
 When lightening strikes, there is a blinding light and an instantaneous loud crack.
blinking light n (light that flashes on and off)点滅する光
 The blinking lights on the ambulance were very bright.
bright light n (intense or harsh light)明るい光
 I had to cover my eyes because of the bright light.
bring to light vtr (reveal, make known)~を明るみに出す 他動
 We should bring his outrageous actions to light.
Bud Light n trademark (low-alcohol beer) 商品名・ビールバド・ライト、バドワイザー・ライト
come to light v (be revealed)明るみに出る、明らかになる 自動
 Every day more information about the scandal comes to light.
dazzling light n (very bright light)ギラギラする光、まぶしい光
 If you are in New York don't miss the dazzling lights of Broadway.
dim light n (low or soft light)薄明かり
 I'm not calling you ugly but you definitely look best in a dim light.
fog light n (vehicle's headlight for foggy conditions) 霧灯、フォグランプ
 I use my fog lights so rarely that I can never remember where the switch is.
green light 信号機青信号
green light 計画などを実行しても良いという許可、ゴーサイン
grow light vi (day: arrive, dawn) 明るくなる、日が昇る 自動
 It grows light around 6 am at this time of year.
grow light vi figurative (become less of a burden) 責任など軽くなる 自動
guiding light n figurative ([sb] who inspires or leads) 導者、ひらめきを与える人
 Nelson Mandela was a guiding light for South Africa, during a very difficult time in the country's history.
in light of prep (considering, in view of)~を考慮すると、~を踏まえると
 In light of the weather forecast, maybe we'd better postpone the picnic.
in the light of prep figurative (in view of, given)~の観点から、~の視点から
 In the light of recent developments it would be appropriate to review the arrangements.
in the light of prep literal (illuminated by)~に照らされて、~の光の中で
incandescent light n (type of electric light )白熱ランプ
leading light 指導者、リーダー、重要人物
light blue n (pale blue colour) ライトブルー、水色
 The sky is usually light blue during the day.
light brown n (pale brown colour) ライトブラウン、薄茶色、あめ色
 The police described the attacker as tall with short light brown hair.
 The old leather bag had faded to light brown.
light green n (pale green colour) ライトグリーン、薄緑色
light hearted, light-hearted adj (humorous, not serious)屈託のない、のんきな
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 Her new book takes a light-hearted look at family life.
light switch n (lever or knob for controlling a light)電気のスイッチ
 I entered the darkened room and reached for the light switch.
light up vtr literal (illuminate)~を照らし出す、~に光を当てる 他動
 The dim lamp hardly lights up the room.
light up vtr figurative (brighten)~を輝かせる 他動
 I love you -- you light up my life.
night light n (soft room light left on at night)ナイトライト、常夜灯
 My daughter is afraid of the dark so she sleeps with a night light in her bedroom.
pilot light n (light indicating gas supply)表示灯
 The gas central heating wouldn't come on because the pilot light was out.
ray of light 一筋の光明、希望の光
rear light n (vehicle's tail or back light) 自動車テールランプ、尾灯
 I broke a rear light on my car when I was backing up and then ran into a tree.
red light 赤信号、危険信号
see [sth] in a new light 新しい見方をする、違った見地から見る、新しい面を見る
see the light 納得する、理解する、事情を飲み込む 他動
see the light of day 日の目を見る、世に出る
 出荷する 他動
shining light 光明
throw light on ~の説明をする、~の解明に役立つ、光明を投げかける 他動
traffic light 信号機
turn on the light v (switch the light on)明かり[電気]をつける
 I always turn on the light when I walk into the room.
very light adj (highly illuminated)とても明るい
 The room was very light; I was dazzled as I walked in.
very light adj (extremely lightweight)とても軽い、超軽量の
 A feather is very light object.
yellow light n US (amber traffic signal) 信号機黄色信号
 A yellow light indicates caution.
 When you see a yellow light ahead, you should begin to apply the brakes.
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