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court n (law)sąd m
 The court sentenced the thief to two years in prison.
 Sąd skazał złodzieja na dwa lata więzienia.
court n (sports)kort m
 He is usually on the basketball court at this time of day.
 On zwykle jest na kortach koszykówki o tej porze dnia
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Formy złożone:
appellate court n (court of appeal)sąd odwoławczy
 The appellate court refused to overturn Marion's murder conviction.
basketball court boisko do koszykówki n+przyim.+ż
before the court adv (in front of a tribunal)przed sądem przyim. + m
 I'm going to testify before the court on Wednesday.
circuit court n US (court that sits in several locations)sąd objazdowy m
city court n US (civil court, local court)sąd miejski m + przym.
civil court n UK (city court, non-criminal court)sąd miejski m + przym.
 A civil court deals with non-criminal matters, such as eviction proceedings, anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs), debt hearings and family proceedings.
clay court n (tennis court with a red-clay surface)gliniany kort przym. + m
 He never plays as well on a clay court as on grass.
clay court n US (tennis court with a green-clay surface)gliniany kort przym. + m
court case n (trial, legal proceeding)proces m
 In the US, court cases are either heard by a judge or a jury.
court of appeal sąd apelacyjny m + przym.
court of law n (law court, place where trials take place)sąd karny m+przym.
 That argument would not be acceptable in a court of law.
court of law n (trial, legal proceedings)sąd m
court order n (legal instruction or ruling)nakaz sądowy m + przym.
 nakaz prawny m + przym.
 He has to pay child support by court order.
court reporter n (stenographer in a lawcourt)reporter sądowy m + przym.
 The court reporter prepared the transcript of the hearing.
court-appointed lawyer n (lawyer assigned to a defendant)obrońca z urzędu m+przyim.+m
 She fired her court-appointed lawyer and hired a private firm.
court-martial, court martial n (military trial)sąd wojskowy m + przym.
 Following his court-martial, the major was given a dishonourable discharged.
 m + przym.
court-martial, court martial vtr (try in a military court)sądzić w sądzie wojskowym
 osądzić w sądzie wojskowym
 The sergeant-major was court-martialled following the incident.
criminal court n (court where criminal cases are held)sąd karny m + przym.
 The alleged murderer will be held without bail until he is tried in criminal court.
district court sąd okręgowy m+przym.
grass court n (tennis: grass-covered court)kort trawiasty m + przym.
 In contrast to the other Grand Slam tournaments, Wimbledon is played on grass courts.
high court n (country's highest court of law)sąd najwyższy m + przym.
 We disagree with the judge's verdict and will appeal to the High Court.
kangaroo court n (unfair or improperly-conducted trial)sąd kapturowy m+przym.
 They set up a kangaroo court to try the dissident, and everyone knew what the outcome would be.
night court n (law court that holds sessions at night)sąd nocny m + przym.
superior court n US (law: high court)sąd najwyższy m+przym.
supreme court n (highest law court in the US)sąd najwyższy m+przym.
 Is there a Supreme Court ruling on that issue?
tennis court n (ground marked out for tennis)kort tenisowy m+przym.
 The tennis courts for the French Open are clay, but the tennis courts at Wimbledon are grass.
traffic court n US (court that handles traffic violations)sąd ruchu drogowego
 When she hit a street sign with her car, she had to go to traffic court.
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