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Główne tłumaczenia
grain n (farming)ziarno n
grain n (salt)ziarenko, ziarnko n
grain n (sand)ziarenko, ziarnko n
grain n (wood, materials)słój m
Dodatkowe tłumaczenia
grain n (coffee)ziarno n
grain n (nutrition)zboże n
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WordReference English-Polish Dictionary © 2014:

Formy złożone:
against the grain adv (against convention)na przekór przys. + m
 It just goes against the grain to waste so much food when there are so many hungry people.
against the grain adv (against character)na przekór przys. + m
 Your acting dishonestly certainly goes against the grain.
grain alcohol n (alcohol made by fermenting grain)alkohol zbożowy m + przym.
 There are many kinds of alcohol that are poisonous; grain alcohol isn't, at least not in reasonable amounts.
grain carrier n (ship that transports grain)przewoźnik zboża m + n
grain elevator n (building where grain is stored)silos zbożowy m + przym.
 Old grain elevators like the one by the railroad spur are a characteristic feature of the agricultural landscape in the wheat belt.
grain of salt n literal (salt crystal)ziarnko soli n + ż
 The sand was fine but not powdery, like grains of salt.
grain of salt n figurative (degree of scepticism) przenośnyprzymrużenie oka n+n
 I have to take my Dad's wild stories about his boyhood with a grain of salt.
 Steven is known to exaggerate; I would take anything he says with a grain of salt.
grain of sand ziarnko piasku n + m
grain sorghum n (variety of wheatgrass)ziarno sorgo n + n
whole grain adj (cereal: retaining bran and germ)pełnoziarnisty przym.
 Alicia prefers whole grain products as the husks provide fibre and also bring other health benefits.
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