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Główne tłumaczenia
single adj (only one)jeden licz.
 I just have a single beer left. Who wants it?
 Zostało mi tylko jedno piwo. Kto je chce?
single adj (unmarried) mężczyznanieżonaty przym. (m(
 kobietaniezamężna (ż) przym.
 wolny przym.
 She remained single until she was 24 years old.
 Pozostała niezamężna do 24 lat.
single n US (one dollar bill)pojedynczy przym.
 She had three singles and a five in her wallet.
 Miała w portfelu trzy pojedyncze banknoty i jeden banknot pięciodolarowy.
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Formy złożone:
in single file adv (one behind another)w rzędzie przyim. + m
 The horses walked in single file along the narrow track.
not a single person pron (nobody, not anyone)nikt zaim.
 Not a single person was in favour of the price increases.
single bed n (bed for one person)pojedyncze łóżko przym. + n
single entry n (simple accounting system)pojedyncze wprowadzenie, jednorazowe wprowadzenie przym. + n
single file n (movement: one after another)pojedynczy rząd przym. + m
single girl n (young woman without a partner)samotna dziewczyna przym. + ż
single man n (adult male without a partner)kawaler m
 Are there any single men here tonight?
single minded, single-minded adj (determined, focused)zdeterminowany przym.
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
single mother n (female parent without a partner)samotna matka przym. + ż
 She has been a single mother since her husband died last year.
single out vtr (select specifically)selekcjonować B ndk.
single parent n (mother or father without a partner)samotny rodzic przym. + m
single person n ([sb] without a partner)samotna osoba przym. + ż
single room n (hotel room for one person)pokój jednoosobowy m + przym.
 potoczniejedynka ż
 The single rooms here are no wider that the beds that they contain.
 I'd like to book a single room with shower, please.
single woman n (adult female without a partner)samotna kobieta przym. + ż
 She broke up with her boyfriend and is now a single woman.
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