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WordReference English-Portuguese Dictionary © 2014:

Traduções principais/Principal Translations
A n (blood type) tipo sanguíneoA
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
A n (grade) notadez n
 notaA sf
 I got an "A" in my history test.
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WordReference English-Portuguese Dictionary © 2014:

Traduções principais/Principal Translations
a indef art (indefinite article)um, uma art indef
 There's a monster under my bed.
 Tem um monstro debaixo da minha cama.
a n (first letter of alphabet) 1a letra do alfabetoa sm
 Apple begins with an "a".
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
a n (music: note) música: notasm
 The song begins on an A.
a n (music: key) nota musicalsm
 They're playing Grieg's piano concerto in A-minor tonight.
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WordReference English-Portuguese Dictionary © 2014:

Formas compostas
A | a |
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush expr proverb ([sth] that you already have is better than the promise of [sth] better)melhor um pássaro na mão do que dois voando proverb
 I'm told I can do better if I keep looking for opportunities, but I'll stay at this job for now: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
a bit adv (a small amount) pequena quantiaum pouco loc adv
 um tantinho
 I don't just like it a bit – I like it a lot!
a bit adv (slightly)um pouco loc adv
 levementeum tantinho
 It's a bit cold in here!
 He was a bit too polite to be honest.
a bit n informal (a short while) coloquialmomentinho sm
 I'll see you in a bit.
a bit long adj colloquial (slightly too long)um pouco grande loc adj
 My hair is getting a bit long; it's time to have it trimmed.
a bit of adj (a small amount of) pequena quantidadeum pouco de loc adv
 um pouquinho
 I like a bit of cream in my coffee.
a bit of a mess n UK (shambolic) caóticobagunça, confusão sf
a bit of a mess n (difficulty, predicament) dificuldadebagunça sf
 meio bagunçado
 To say that there is a bit of an economic mess is putting it mildly.
a bit of a mess n (disorderly state)bagunça, desordem sf
 meio bagunçado
 My house is a bit of a mess, but please come in.
a bit thick adj colloquial (slightly too thick)meio grosso loc adj
 The gravy seems a bit thick; I can stand a spoon in it!
 He's a bit thick though the waist.
a bit thick adj (not very intelligent) não muito inteligentemeio burro loc adj
 He's a bit thick, but really nice all the same.
a bit thin adj colloquial (slightly too thin)meio magro loc adj
 The gravy seems a bit thin, so I think I'll add some more flour to thicken it up.
a bit thin adj (with limited resources) fig., com recursos limitadosmeio magro loc adj
 My budget is a bit thin, so I won't be going to Africa this year.
a bit too adv colloquial (slightly excessively)meio exagerado loc adv
 His hair was a bit too long for me.
 She seemed a bit too calm. Something must be wrong.
a blistering pace n figurative, informal (great speed) grande velocidadepasso rápido loc sm
 Her new secretary typed at a blistering pace.
a cappella adv music (without instrumental accompaniment) sem acompanhamentoa capela loc adv
 The piece is usually orchestral but they performed it a cappella.
a cappella adj (singing: without music) cantar sem músicaa capela loc adj
 Gregorian chant is usually a cappella singing.
a certain amount n (modicum) módicouma certa quantia loc sf
 You need to use a certain amount of caution when using that product.
a certain amount n (specified quantity) quantidade específicauma certa quantia loc sf
a couple n (a pair, two) doispar, casal sm
 I have a couple of sweaters in my suitcase.
 There was a couple holding hands as they walked down the road.
a couple of adj colloquial (two, a pair of)um par de, um casal de loc adj
 I'll take a couple of donuts, please.
a couple of adj US, colloquial (two or three of)dois ou três de loc adj
 A couple of days ago, I saw your brother at the supermarket.
a cut above adj (superior to) superior aum nível acima, à frente de loc adj
 He is a cut above the rest.
a cut above adj (superior) superior um nível acima, à frente loc adj
a dab of [sth] n (small amount or application of [sth]) pequena quantidadepouquinho, bocado sm
 She put a dab of perfume behind her ear and some powder on her nose.
a dear n informal (kind or sweet person) pessoa gentil, simpáticaquerido sm
 Be a dear and pass me my medicine, will you?
a dime a dozen adj US, informal (very common, not rare) muito comum e abundanteàs dúzias loc adj
 In Hollywood, aspiring young actresses are a dime a dozen.
a dozen or so adj informal (around twelve)mais ou menos uma dúzia loc adj
 dúzia de trezedúzia de frade expres
 Can you please bring me back a dozen or so eggs from the grocery store?
a drop in the bucket n US, informal ([sth] relatively trivial) algo trivialuma gota d'água loc sf
 The U.S. needs to redevelop passenger rail; Amtrak funding is just a drop in the bucket.
a drop in the bucket n ([sth] with no material consequences) sem consequências materiaisuma gota d'água loc sf
a drop in the ocean n UK (a negligible amount) uma insignificânciauma gota d'água loc sf
 uma gota de água no oceano loc sf
 The money I give to charity is a drop in the ocean compared to some people.
a far cry from adj (very different from) completamente diferenteuma longa distância loc adj
 Life in Canada is a far cry from her homeland of Haiti.
a fate worse than death n figurative (terrible misfortune) infortúniodesgraça sf
 destino pior do que a morte expres
a fate worse than death n euphemism, obsolete (loss of virginity by seduction or rape ) (antigo) perda da virgindadedesgraça sm
 destino pior do que a morte expres
a few alguns
a few bob n UK, slang (a small amount of money) pequena quantidade de dinheirotrocado sm
 I gave a few bob to kid next door; he helped me wash the car.
a few times adv (on several occasions) em várias ocasiõesalgumas vezes loc adv
 That boy has come over a few times and always behaved himself.
a few times adv (with several repetitions )algumas vezes loc adv
 After you do it a few times it doesn't seem so terrible.
a few too many adj (an excessive quantity of) quantidade excessivamuito, demais adj
 She kissed a few too many co-workers at last year's Christmas party.
 She'd had a few too many and wasn't feeling well.
a few too many n UK, slang (excess of alcohol) irônico: excesso de bebidaum traguinho loc sm
 no sentido irônicoum golinho só loc sm
 The bartender kept her car keys because she had a few too many.
a few words n informal (short speech or commentary) discurso curtopoucas palavras loc sf pl
 I was asked to say a few words at my Grandpa's funeral.
a fine mess n informal (complicated or awkward situation) situação complicada ou esquisitasaia justa loc sf
 The lies we told got us into a fine mess when everyone found out the truth.
 Now you've done it. Look at the fine mess you've gotten us into.
a fortiori adv (law, logic: with stronger reason) por causa de uma razão mais fortea fortiori expres latina
A friend in need is a friend indeed expr (a true friend is supportive and helpful)amigo para todas as horas expres
 When I was sick you certainly proved the old saying, "A friend in need is a friend indeed."
a ghost of a chance n (a very slight possibility) pouca possibilidadesem a menor possibilidade expres
 My husband might run for office, but he really doesn't stand a ghost of a chance.
a good deal adv (considerably, a lot) consideravelmenteum tantão, muito adv
 I hope you like spicy food, because I added a good deal of fresh jalapeño.
a good laugh n informal ([sth] very funny or entertaining)uma boa risada loc sf
 I was mortified when I poured wine down my shirt, but everyone else had a good laugh.
a great deal muito
 uma boa quantidade
a great deal of effort n (a lot of effort, much effort) muito esforçoesforço considerável loc sm
 I put a great deal of effort into this project, and I was really offended when management ignored it.
a great time n informal (fun, enjoyment) diversãohoras divertidas loc sf pl
 Thanks so much for inviting me; I had a great time!
a hair's breadth away adv (very close) pertíssimopor um fio de cabelo, por um triz loc adj
 The house that I bought was a hair's breadth away from the sea.
 The election returns so far show that Harry is a hair's breadth away from victory.
a happy soul n informal (cheerful person)pessoa feliz loc sf
a heap of adj literal (an untidy pile of) de coisas desordenadasuma pilha de loc adj
 There's a heap of dirty laundry in the laundry room.
a heap of adj figurative, slang (a lot of) muitouma pilha de, um montão de loc adj
 um monte de loc adj
 Since I retired I've got a heap of time on my hands.
a hoot n figurative, slang ([sth] funny or fun) algo engraçadouma piada, uma graça loc sf
 The party last night was a hoot! I had so much fun!
 We had a hoot at the monster truck rally.
a hoot n literal (owl's cry)pio do mocho loc sm
 When camping in the woods, we heard the hoots of owls instead of lullabies.
a hoot n (any care to or for) não ligar, não se importara mínima expres
 I don't give a hoot about your opinion.
a job well done n (task that is performed well)trabalho bem-feito loc sm
 Congratulations on a job well done!
a la adv (in the style of) no estilo de a la loc adv
 He swears a lot when he's angry, a la Gordon Ramsay.
à la carte à la carte
a la mode adj (fashionable, in fashion)na moda loc adj
a la mode adj US (with ice cream)com sorvete loc adj
 I ordered a piece of pie a la mode.
a laughing matter n ([sth] amusing) coisa engraçadapiada sf
 This is not a laughing matter; I could lose my job over this!
a laughing matter n ([sth] not taken seriously )piada sf
 motivo de chacota loc sm
A level n UK (advanced school-leaving exam) INGL, examenível avançado loc sm
 He failed all his A levels so was unable to get into university.
a little adv (a small amount) pequena quantidadeum pouco loc adv
 Okay, I admit it – I did cheat a little on my exam.
a little adv (slightly) levementeum pouco loc adv
 She was a little angry with me.
 The doctor says your blood pressure is a little high.
a little bit n (a small amount)um pouco loc adv
 There wasn't enough salt in the soup so I added a little bit.
 Could I please have a little bit of cheese?
a little bit adv (slightly)um pouquinho loc adv
 I'm just a little bit dizzy.
 It was a little bit cheeky of me to ask … but I asked anyway.
a little more adj (slightly more)um pouco mais loc adv
 um tantinho mais loc adv
 My son is 27, and his salary is already a little more than mine.
 I think the potatoes could use just a little more salt.
a little more adv (for a short while longer)um pouco mais loc adv
a little more adv (slightly more often)um pouco mais loc adv
a little more n (a small additional quantity)um pouco mais loc adv
 May I have a little more tea, please?
 Put a little more water in the bucket.
a little thing n ([sth] small or trivial) coisa pequenacoisinha à-toa, coisinha de nada loc sf
 nadinha sf
 I know it's just a little thing, but I find the constant tapping of your foot annoying.
a long time adv (a considerable period)tempo considerável loc sm
 muito tempo
 It's been a long time since we last met.
 It's been a long time since we last met.
a long time ago há muito tempo
a long way down adv (far below)bem abaixo loc adv
 para baixoum longo caminho loc adv
a long way down prep (a significant distance along )um longo caminho loc adv
a long way off adv (in the distance)de longe loc adv
a long way off adv (distant, far away)a grande distância daqui loc adv
 Those birds are swimming a long way off shore, so you'll need a telescope to see them.
a long way off adv US, colloquial (in the distant future) no futuro distantedaqui a muito tempo loc adv
 My sixtieth birthday is still a long way off.
a lot muito
a lot more n (a much greater amount)muito mais loc adv
 I need a lot more flour to make this dough.
 A banker makes a lot more money than a teacher.
a lot more n (a much greater number)muito mais loc adv
 A few hundred is a lot more than a couple dozen.
a lot of muito de
a lot of fun n informal (very entertaining)muita diversão loc sf
 Thank you for inviting me to your party. I had a lot of fun.
a lot to do with n (closely related to)muito a ver com expres
 Bill's continual lying had a lot to do with why no one trusted him.
a lot to do with n (largely due to) devido a muito a ver com expres
 His success has a lot to do with his father's business connections.
a lot to say about n (much to contribute on the topic of)diz muito sobre expres
 Wow, he has a lot to say about my sister's engagement.
a low point n (least happy or successful time)péssimo momento loc sm
a man for all seasons n (man who is capable in any situation)um homem de vários talentos loc sm
 homem capazpau para toda obra expres
a man's man n (virile or vigorous adult male) viril, vigorosohomem com letra maiúscula expr
 homem com h expr
 James Bond is a man's man, and that's why he gets all the ladies.
a matter of opinion n (subjective, debatable)questão de opinião loc sf
 Fashion is a matter of opinion.
a matter of time n ([sth] which will happen eventually)questão de tempo loc sf
 They've been dating for 5 years, so it's only a matter of time before he proposes.
a mighty long time n US, informal (very considerable period)muito tempo loc sm
 um tempão expres
 34 years? That's a mighty long time to spend in one job.
a mile long adj (measuring one mile in length)uma milha de comprimento loc sf
 The road is about a mile long.
a mile long adj US, colloquial (extensive)enorme, gigantesco adj
 Her grocery list seemed like it was a mile long!
a narrow escape escapar por pouco
a night out on the town n (evening spent at a bar, club or party)noite na balada loc sf
 After I got my promotion, my friends and I went for a night out on the town to celebrate.
a nobody n (an unimportant person)um joão-ninguém loc sm
 Why would she want to date me? She's a supermodel; I'm a nobody.
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