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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
away adj (not here)fora adv
 My father is not here, he is away in Chicago.
 Meu pai não está aqui; está fora, em Chicago.
away adv (direction) afastamentoembora, fora adv
 para longe loc adv
 He walked away after he saw the price.
away adv (from there)longe, distante adv
 We are a long way away from Ireland, here.
 Aqui estamos um bom trecho longe (or: distante) da Irlanda.
away adv (far)longe adv
Note: To go away significa "afastar-se", "distanciar-se". Neste sentido, a palavra "away" não se traduz em português.
 In your essay, try not to go away from the main point.
 No seu ensaio, tente não ficar longe do ponto principal.
away adv (aside)para longe loc adv
 He looked away when she started crying.
 Ele olhou para longe quando ela começou a chorar.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
away adj (distant)distante adj
 He is from a land far away.
away adj (going immediately)pronto adj
 I love racing. Look! The horses are away!
away adj (sports: not at home field) esporte: não em casafora adv
 The team are playing away this weekend.
away adj (baseball: out) beisebolpara fora loc adv
 He had put three batters away already.
away adv (off)longe adv
 From away in the distance came the sound of a waterfall.
away adv (apart)longe adv
 He and his wife were away from each other.
away adv (in another direction)na direção oposta loc adv
 We turned away when we saw him in the street.
away adv (not in [sb]'s possession)fora, embora adv
 If you don't like it, give it away!
away adv (into extinction)à distância loc adv
 The music faded away.
away adv (repeatedly)continuadamente adv
 She pounded away at it.
away adv (with no hesitation)imediatamente adv
 I'm leaving right away.
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Formas compostas
a hair's breadth away adv (very close) pertíssimopor um fio de cabelo, por um triz loc adj
 The house that I bought was a hair's breadth away from the sea.
 The election returns so far show that Harry is a hair's breadth away from victory.
away from phrase (at a distance or remove from)longe de loc adv
 Away from the earthquake's epicentre there was less damage.
away message n (e-mail response indicating absence) e-mail, mensagem de ausênciaresposta automática loc sf
 I emailed him but all I got back was an away message.
away with you interj slang, regional (Leave, get going, be on your way)fora!, vai-te embora!, cai fora! interj
 Away with you! proclaimed the king.
back away vi phrasal (retreat)afastar-se vp
 Back away from the cookies and no one gets hurt.
 He nodded vaguely, continuing to dodge and back away.
be away vi phrasal (be absent, be on a trip) estar ausenteestar fora loc v int
 While the neighbors are away, I make sure that their house is safe.
be carried away empolgar-se
 deixar-se levar
be locked away v informal (go to prison)ir para a cadeia loc v int
 The murderer will be locked away for 25 years.
be locked away v informal (be confined to an institution)ser internado loc vt
 They used to lock mentally-ill people away in insane asylums.
be locked away v (be secured from sight)estar guardado a 7 chaves expr
 He kept the gun locked away in a safe so that the children couldn't get to it.
blast away vtr (remove forcefully)remover à força
 They will blast away the rocks with dynamite.
blast away vi US informal (shoot repeatedly ) atirar repetidamentedar uma rajada
blow away a alguémsurpreender
 matar alguém a tiros
 no esportederrotar alguém
carried away adj literal (swept off: by tide, etc.) carregado: por uma onda etclevado, carregado adj
 Several parked cars were carried away by the flood waters and swept into the sea.
carried away adj figurative (overexcited, over enthused) grande excitaçãoentusiasmado adj
 empolgado adj
 I didn't mean to be so loud, I just got carried away by the music.
carry away vtr phrasal sep (tide, etc.: sweep off)carregar, levar vt
 geralmente na forma passivaperder o controle loc v int
 arrebatar vt
cart away vtr informal (remove, evict [sb] troublesome) informalremover, desfazer vt
 There was so much junk in the garage that she had to rent a truck to cart it all away.
 The guards carted away the guy who got into a fight.
cart away, cart away [sth], cart [sth] away vtr phrasal sep (remove for disposal)remover vt
 descartar vt
 There was so much junk in the garage that she had to rent a truck to cart it all away.
cast away vtr (discard)jogar fora loc vt
 descartar vt
cast away, cast [sb] away vtr (shipwreck)naufragar v int
 soçobrar v int
cast away, castaway adj (discarded)descartável adj
cast away, castaway adj (shipwrecked)naufragado adj
 náufrago adj
chase away vtr literal (shoo) literalafugentar vt
 Chase away that dog before it eats your food.
chase away vtr figurative (banish, get rid of) figurativoexpulsar, afugentar vt
 It was a good luck charm to chase away nightmares.
chip away at vtr phrasal 3-part literal (chisel or hack pieces off [sth])desbastar, cinzelar vt
 corroer, sulcarlavrar vt
 Michelangelo created statues by chipping away at marble with a chisel and hammer.
chip away at vtr phrasal 3-part figurative (work at gradually) trabalhar em algo gradualmenteatacar vt
chip away at vtr phrasal 3-part figurative (decrease gradually) fig, diminuir gradualmentesugar, consumir vt
clear away recolher
come away vi phrasal (step back, distance oneself)afastar-se vp
 I had to come away or I would have ended up swearing at them.
come away from desprender-se de
creep away vi phrasal (leave stealthily or unseen)sair de fininho loc v int
crumble away vi (disintegrate)desmoronar-se, desintegrar-se vp
 It they don't spend at least one million Euros for its restoration, the building will simply crumble away.
crumbling away adj (disintegrating)desmoronando
 The team found their once comfortable lead slowly crumbling away.
cut away, cut-away, cutaway vtr (remove by cutting)cortar, extirpar vt
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj; single-word form used when term is a noun or an adj before a noun
 To repair the table I had to cut away the damaged veneer and replace it with a matching new piece.
cut away, cut-away, cutaway vtr (tv, cinema: inserted shot) tv, cinemamudar de plano, cutaway
cut away to vtr phrasal 3-part (tv, film shot: rapidly switch to) tv, filmecortar para loc vt
dance the night away v figurative (spend the evening dancing)dançar a noite toda loc vt
 Sometimes when you feel really good, you just want to dance the night away.
dash away vi phrasal (hurry off)sair correndo loc v int
die away vi phrasal (fade, diminish)diminuir, evaporar v int
 desfalecer v int
direct [sth] away from [sth] v (point [sth] in different direction from [sth]) apontar na direção erradadesviar vt
 The police were directing traffic away from the street where they were repairing the gas leak.
do away with vtr slang (eliminate, get rid of) desfazer-se deeliminar, acabar vt
 To improve the overall quality of our milk, we wanted to do away with the use of antibiotics on our cows.
do away with vtr slang ([sb]; kill)matar, eliminar vt
 He was a liability to our gang, and we knew sooner or later we would have to do away with him.
drain away vi phrasal literal (trickle or be filtered off)drenar vt
 He dug a ditch to drain away the water that was flooding the lawn.
 The washbasin is blocked, the water only drains away very slowly.
drain away vtr phrasal sep figurative (be gradually lost)desgastar, esgotar vt
 Her strength was drained away as she played with the toddler, cooked dinner and then ironed the laundry.
draw away vi (retreat, move back)retirar-se vp
draw away vtr (cause [sb] to leave)expulsar, fazer sair
 My wife diplomatically drew me away from the pompous guest as she could see I was about to lose my temper with him.
drift away vi literal (be carried away, float off)ir à deriva, ser arrastado
 He fell asleep on the lilo and slowly drifted away from the beach.
drift away vi figurative (lose contact, become estranged) desgarradoir à deriva, distanciar-se
 Sometimes husbands and wives just drift away from each other and end up getting divorced.
drive away vi (depart in a vehicle)partir de carro
 She wiped a tear from her eye as he drove away.
drive away vtr (repel, force to leave)repelir, fazer sair, afugentar, expulsar
 She drove him away with her constant nagging.
eat away vtr phrasal sep figurative (gnaw at, erode)desgastar, corroer vt
 The chalk cliffs are being eaten away slowly by the action of the sea.
 The affair was eating away at her peace of mind.
eat away at destruir gradualmente
edge away from afastar-se de
explain away vtr phrasal sep (account for, find excuse for)encontrar uma desculpa loc vt
fade away vi literal (grow fainter or less distinct) literaldesaparecer v int
 From here, it looks like the mountains fade away into the distance.
 The further we walked from the disco, the more the music faded away.
fading away adj (becoming weak or wasted) enfraquecendoesmorecente, desvanecente adj
 definhante adj
 She was fading away for months before her death.
fall away vi (diminish)diminuir v int
 Attendance at the church fell away as more and more people moved to the suburbs.
fall away vi (abandon, forsake [sth]) abandonar largar v int
fall away vi (disappear spontaneously: troubles, worries) problemas:sumir v int
 Eventually her emotional burdens simply fell away, and she was her old self again.
far away distante
file away arquivar
fire away vi slang (begin asking questions) começar a perguntarperguntar, interrogar v int
 gíriamandar brasa loc v int
 Professor, could we ask you a few questions? "Sure! Fire away.".
fire away vi informal (begin shooting) informalatirar v int
 When you have a clear shot at the deer, fire away.
float away vi phrasal (drift off)flutuar v int
 He didn't tie up the boat properly, so it began to float away.
fly away escapar
fritter away vtr (waste, squander)desperdiçar, dissipar vt
 You can't fritter away your time and expect to accomplish anything.
gamble away vtr (lose through gambling)perder no jogo loc vt
 His wife left him after he gambled away all of their savings at the track.
 He gambled away next month's rent money.
get away vi (go on holiday) fig, viajar de fériasescapar v int
 I have been working late all week and need to get away this weekend.
get away interj UK, slang (you're joking!)não acredito!, você está brincando! interj
 fala sério! interj
 You saw the Queen in Burnley market? - get away!
get away vi (escape) literalescapar v int
 I was almost mugged but I managed to get away.
 The robbers were trapped in the house and could not get away.
get away with murder sair impune de um assassinato
 safar-se dum assassinato
get away! não diga!
 fala sério!
get carried away deixar-se levar
give away trair
go away ir embora
go away! vá embora!
grow away from afastar-se de
hammer away at vtr informal, figurative (repeatedly attempt to persuade [sb]) informal, figurativomartelar, insistir vt
 I hammered away at my boss until he finally agreed to give me a raise.
hammer away at vtr (attempt to accomplish [sth] by repeated efforts) tentar várias vezes trabalhar duro, martelar loc vt
 If you want to finish your novel, you need to just hammer away at it every day.
hammer away at castigar a
hide away esconder
hire [sb] away contratar alguém de fora
keep away manter afastado
lock away [sth] v (keep [sth] safe or hidden) guardar em lugar seguro trancar vt
lock [sb] away prender alguém
look away vi (avert one's eyes)desviar o olhar loc v int
 The little boy knew he was in trouble and when the teacher looked at him he had to look away.
 It was a horror movie and I had to look away much of the time!
melt away vi literal (thaw out) literalderreter, degelar v int
 The ice will melt away as the temperature rises.
melt away vi figurative (feelings: disappear, evaporate) figurativo - emoçãodesaparecer, evaporar v int
 His anger melted away when she flashed him her beautiful smile.
melt away vi (crowd: disperse, disappear) multidãodispersar-se vp
 Faced with the riot police the crowd melted away.
move away vi (go to live elsewhere)mudar v int
 I moved away when I was 18 years old and went to live in the city.
move away vi (retreat, step back)retroceder, recuar v int
 I moved away from the fire because it was too hot.
move away vtr (place at a greater distance)distanciar vt
 She moved the glass away, out of the child's reach.
move away from vtr (step further from)apartar-se de vp
 She moved away from the rubbish bin when she noticed the bad smell.
move away from vtr (place at a greater distance from)separar de vt
 She moved the glass away from the child's reach.
right away agora mesmo
shut away encerrar, trancar
shy away from evitar tratar de algo desagradável
 escapulir de algo
sign away títulos, etc.transferir por assinatura
store away guardar
turn away from afastar-se
 dar as costas a
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