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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
bath n (room)banheiro sm
bath n (tub)banheira sf
bath n (washing)banho sm
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Formas compostas
baby bath n (small bathtub for a baby)banheira para bebê loc sf
 Babies must never be left alone in a baby bath.
baby bath n (bubblebath for babies)banho para bebê loc sm
Bath bun n (type of teacake) com açúcar e frutas secasrosquinha doce loc sf
bath mat n (rubber safety mat used in bath)tapete de banheiro loc sm
 A good bath mat helps you not to slip in the shower.
bath mat n (rug used on bathroom floor)tapete para banheiro loc sm
bath night n (evening scheduled for a bath)noite de tomar banho loc sf
 Before there was running water in the farmhouse, bath night was on Saturday, after all the week's work was over.
bath salts npl (scented crystals for the bath)sais de banho loc sm pl
bath soap n (soap for the body)sabonete sm
 Watch out for bath soaps that dry out your skin.
bath sponge n (sponge used for washing body)esponja de banho loc sf
bath time n (time allocated for a bath)hora do banho loc sf
 My kids always hide when it's bath time.
bath towel toalha de banho
bath tub banheira
bath water n (water in a bathtub)água de banho loc sf
 He was so incredibly dirty after the hike that the bath water was literally black after he bathed. .
bubble bath n (product that makes bubbles in bathwater)bolhas de sabão loc sf pl
bubble bath n (bath with bubbles in the water)banho de espuma loc sm
 Women generally take bubble baths after exercising in order to relax.
hot bath n (bathtub filled with hot water)banheira quente loc sf
 There's nothing like relaxing in a hot bath after a hard day's work.
hot bath npl (sauna or steam-bath treatment)sauna sf
 banho a vapor loc sm
mud bath n (skin treatment: soaking in mud) tratamento de pelebanho de lama loc sm
 A mud bath is good for the skin and the spirit.
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