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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
bold adj (typography: thick) tipografianegrito adj
 The bold type called attention to the words.
 O tipo em negrito chamava atenção para as palavras.
bold n (typography: thick) tipografianegrito sm
 He put the important words in bold.
 Ele pôs as palavras importantes em negrito.
bold adj (courageous, daring)corajoso adj
 That was bold of you to go into the burning house to save the cat.
 Foi corajoso de sua parte entrar na casa em chamas para salvar a gata.
bold vtr (typography: thick) tipografiacolocar em negrito loc vt
 neologismonegritar vt
 He bolded the important words for emphasis.
 Ele colocou as palavras importantes em negrito para ênfase.
 Ele negritou as palavras importantes para ênfase.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
bold adj (colours) coresnítido, vibrante adj
 The bold colours really show up well against a pale background.
bold adj (audacious)audacioso, atrevido adj
 insolente adj
 The bold child loudly contradicted the teacher.
bold adj (imaginative)imaginativo adj
 The poet used bold imagery. The poet wrote with bold imagery.
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