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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
bone n (animal) de animalosso sm
bone n (body) corpoosso sm
bone vtr offensive (have sex with) ofensivo: ter relaçõesfoder vt
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Formas compostas
bone cell n (biology: cell in a bone) biologiaosteócito sm
bone china n (white porcelain)porcelana branca loc sf
 Bone china is made with ground bone to add strength.
bone of contention n figurative (source or object of disagreement) objeto de desacordopomo da discórdia loc sm
 Susie's disobedience at school was a bone of contention between Susie and her mom.
bone pain n (aching or painful bones)dor nos ossos loc sm
 My mother is suffering from bone pain; she can't move her legs because it hurts so much.
bone up on vtr slang (revise one's knowledge of ) atualizar conhecimentopôr, colocar em dia
bone up on vtr slang (to study; bring one's knowledge up to date) estudar atualizar, reciclar
 If you're going to be that picky, I'd better bone up on basic grammar.
bone-crushing, bone crushing adj figurative (powerful, forceful)demolidor adj
Note: hyphen used when term is before noun
 I like firm handshakes: neither wimpy, nor bone crushing.
bone-crushing, bone crushing adj figurative (extremely burdensome)esmagador adj
 Harvesting vegetables is bone-crushing work.
collar bone clavícula
funny bone n (humerus)nervo ulnar loc sm
 I accidentally banged my funny bone and my arm still tingles.
funny bone n figurative (sense of humour) senso de humorveia humorística loc sf
 That joke really tickled my funny bone.
heel bone n (bone at the back of the foot) osso que forma o calcanhar calcâneo sm
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