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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
bridge n (structure over river)ponte sf
 The bridge crossed over the river.
 A ponte cruzava o rio.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
bridge n (of a stringed instrument) de instrumento de cordacavalete sm
 You shouldn't touch the violin's bridge when you are playing it.
bridge n (nose) parte superior do narizcavalete sm
 His glasses rested on the bridge of his nose.
bridge n figurative (intermediate phase) fase intermediáriaponte sf
 espaço sm
 There was a short bridge between finishing the old job and starting the new.
bridge n (nautical: of a ship) náuticoponte de comando loc sm
 The captain was usually on the bridge, commanding his ship.
bridge n (dentistry: artificial teeth) prótese dentáriaponte sf
 The dentist put in a bridge for her.
bridge n (music: transitional passage) música: transiçãoponte sf
 There is a bridge between the two choruses, with a key change.
bridge vtr (span)estender-se vp
 His long time as coach of the team bridged three generations.
bridge vtr figurative (differences)resolver vt
 They bridged their differences and were able to be friends again.
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WordReference English-Portuguese Dictionary © 2014:

Formas compostas
bridge over vtr literal (be sufficient resources for) ser suficiente para ser a conta certa
bridge over vtr figurative (overcome differences and form a connection)superar as diferenças, resolver as diferenças loc vt
 I think our marriage is strong enough to bridge over this incident.
contract bridge n (card game) jogo de cartasbridge sm
 Contract bridge is even more complicated than regular bridge.
dental bridge n (fixture that replaces missing teeth)ponte, prótese dentária
 After I lost my front teeth I got a dental bridge to replace them.
humpback bridge n (arched bridge)ponte arqueada loc sf
 The road crosses the river at a dangerously narrow humpback bridge.
land bridge istmo
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