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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
cow n (female bovine) feminino do boivaca sf
 ofensivo: mulher mal educada e estúpidavaca adj
 The cow needed to be milked twice daily.
 A vaca precisava ser ordenhada duas vezes ao dia.
 * Você é uma vaca!
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
cow n (female animal) de mamíferosfêmea sf
 The cow was going to give birth to a baby elephant.
cow n slang (obese woman) ofensivo, mulher gordavaca sf
 ofensivobaleia sf
 She wasn't so fat before, but now she is a real cow.
cow n figurative ([sb] who eats a lot) que come muitovaca sf
 Don't be such a cow. Stop eating.
cow n (unpleasant woman) mulher desagradávelvaca sf
 I hate my new teacher. She's such a cow!
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Formas compostas
cash cow n figurative ([sth] lucrative, good source of income) algo lucrativo, boa fonte de rendamina de ouro loc sf
 galinha dos ovos de ouro loc sf
 Selling bottled water is the cash cow of the new millenium- it costs more than gasoline!
cow bell n (bell worn round the neck of cattle) sineta pendurada no pescoço de gadocincerro sm
 I hear the sound of cow bells every evening as the cows are brought in from pasture.
cow pie, UK: cow pat n US, informal (bovine faeces)esterco bovino loc sm
 When Beverly walked across the cow pasture, she stepped in a huge cow pie!
dairy cow n (cow kept for milking)vaca leiteira loc sf
 We kept a dairy cow, and it was my brother's job to milk her.
holy cow Santo Deus!
milk cow n (dairy cow kept for milking)vaca leiteira loc sf
 If you want to live a self-sufficient lifestyle then you ought to buy a milk cow.
sacred cow vaca sagrada
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