For the verb: "to drink"

Simple Past: drank
Past Participle: drunk

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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
drink vtr (liquid: take by mouth)beber, tomar vt
 Drink some water if you're thirsty.
 Beba (Tome) mais água se está com sede.
drink vi (consume liquid)beber vt
 You need to eat and drink if you are to stay alive and healthy.
 Você precisa comer e beber, se quiser permanecer vivo e saudável.
drink vi (consume alcohol) consumir álcoolbeber vt
 We need orange juice for those who don't drink.
 Precisamos de suco de laranja para aqueles que não bebem.
drink n (beverage)bebida sf
 We've got lots of drinks to choose from.
 Temos muitas bebidas à sua escolha.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
drink n informal (alcoholic beverage)bebida sf
 We need some drink for this party.
drink n informal (excessive alcohol consumption) consumo exagerado de álcoolbebida sf
 He took to drink at an early age.
drink n (serving of a beverage)drinque sm
 I'll have one more drink before I leave.
drink n figurative, archaic (body of water) corpo d'águaágua sf
 He leaned over the railing and fell into the drink.
drink, drink to [sth] vi (celebrate or honour [sth] with alcohol) celebrarbeber, brindar v int
 Let's drink to the bride and groom!
drink, drink [sth] vtr (absorb) absorverbeber vt
 The sponge drank all the water.
drink, drink [sth] in vtr figurative (take in via the senses) via sentidossorver vt
 She drank in all the beauty surrounding her.
drink, drink [sth], drink [sth] up vtr (liquid: swallow contents) líquidobeber vt
 Drink your glass - it's time to go.
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WordReference English-Portuguese Dictionary © 2014:

Formas compostas
complimentary food and drink n (free refreshments)comida e bebida gratuitas loc sf
 popboca livre loc sf
cool drink n (soft drink served from the fridge)bebida gelada loc sf
 On a hot day there's nothing better than a cool drink straight from the fridge.
cool drink n (drink chilled by ice or in refrigerator)bebida gelada loc sf
drink and drive vi (operate a vehicle while drunk)beber e dirigir loc v int
 It is illegal to drink and drive.
drink cupboard, drinks cupboard n UK (liquor cabinet)armário de bebidas loc sm
drink down vtr phrasal sep (beverage: finish quickly)beber de uma só vez loc vt
 I know the medicine tastes bad, but drink it down and then you can have some candy.
drink driving, US: drunk driving n UK (operating a vehicle while drunk)dirigir embriagado loc vt
 He was arrested for drink driving.
drink heavily beber exageradamente
drink in vtr figurative (absorb attentively)absorver, empapar vt
 The lecture was fascinating and the audience drank in every word.
drink like a fish vi expr (be an alcoholic)beber como um cossaco
 He may not be an alcoholic but he certainly drinks like a fish.
drink mixer n (machine for mixing cocktails) manualcoqueteleira sf
 máquinaliquidificador, juicer
 Usually I make myself a smoothie for breakfast in my drink mixer.
drink to beber a
drink up beber de uma só vez
Eat, drink and be merry expr (Enjoy life while you can)viver a vida expr
 aproveitar enquanto pode expres
 Don't worry about that till you're 50, Jay. For now, eat, drink and be merry!
energy drink bebida energética
fizzy drink n (carbonated beverage)bebida gasosa loc sf
 A lot of fizzy drinks contain artificial sweeteners.
 The most popular fizzy drink in the world is Coca-Cola.
food and drink n (food industry or sector) setor industrial comidas e bebidas loc sf pl
 Food and drink is big business in the United States.
food and drink npl (refreshments) refrescoscomidas e bebidas loc sf pl
 There will be food and drink at the reception following the concert.
have a drink vi (drink [sth] alcoholic) algo alcoólico beber v int
 He is quite talkative tonight; I wonder if he's had a drink.
have a drink vi (socialize in a bar, pub, etc.) inf., num bar ou pubtomar umas e outras loc v int
 Why don't we go and have a drink to remember the good old days?
mixed drink n (cocktail)coquetel sm
 When I was a bartender I enjoyed making mixed drinks like martinis and screwdrivers.
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