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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
drum n (machine) máquinatambor sm
drum n (music) músicabateria sf
drum n (sound of drum) som de tamborrepique sm
drum vi (music) músicabatucar v int
 tambortocar tambor loc v int
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Formas compostas
bass drum bumbo
beat the drum defender com unhas e dentes
bongo drum n (small drum played with the hands)bongô sm
 My favorite Cuban percussion instrument is the bongo drum.
drum head, drumhead n (taut skin of a drum)pele de tambor loc sf
drum into fazer entender
drum into [sb]'s head incutir na cabeça de alguém
 martelar na cabeça de alguém
drum kit n (percussion: set of drums) percussãobateria sf
drum major tambor-mor
drum music n (percussive music played on drums)música para percussão loc sf
drum roll rufar contínuo dos tambores
drum set n (kit consisting of several drums)bateria sf
 It's always noisy at my house now; my brother got a drum set for his birthday.
drum [sth] into [sb]'s head vi informal, figurative (impress [sth] upon [sb] by repetition)martelar vt
 Our father, a clever but uneducated man, always drummed into our heads the importance of a good education.
drum up vtr phrasal sep informal (obtain or produce) provocar o interessesuscitar, despertar vt
 The company ran lots of TV commercials to drum up interest in their product.
snare drum tambor de cordas
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