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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
engineering n (university studies) estudos universitáriosengenharia sf
 She is studying engineering at university.
 Ela estuda engenharia na universidade.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
engineering n (profession) profissãoengenharia sf
 After graduation, he went into engineering as a career.
engineering n (mechanical works)engenharia sf
 The pyramids are a marvel of engineering.
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Formas compostas
aeronautical engineering engenharia aeronáutica
aerospace engineering engenharia aeroespacial
automotive engineering n (design of automotive systems and products)engenharia automotiva loc sf
 The new hybrid vehicle is a marvel of automotive engineering.
chemical engineering n (use of chemistry in industry)engenharia química loc sf
 The company uses chemical engineering to produce innovative food products from raw materials.
civil engineering n (design and building of structures)engenharia civil loc sf
 The construction of buildings, roads and bridges is all part of civil engineering.
college of engineering faculdade de engenharia
engineering school n (institution where engineering is taught)faculdade da engenharia loc sf
genetic engineering n (manipulation and reproduction of genes) processo de manipulação dos genesengenharia, modificação genética loc sf
highway engineering n (development of motorways) desenvolvimento de estradasengenharia de estradas loc sf
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