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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
fine adj (OK) coloquiallegal, bom, ótimo adj
 anglicismook adj
 excelente adv
 You parked across the street? That's fine.
 Você estacionou do outro lado da rua? Está bom (or: legal)!
 Você estacionou do outro lado da rua? Está ok.
 Você estacionou do outro lado da rua? Está excelente.
fine adj (healthy) saudávelbem adv
 de saúdebom adj
 She is fine today, though she felt awful the last few days.
 Hoje ela está bem, mas sentiu-se péssima nos últimos dias.
fine adj (thin)fino adj
 He has very fine hair.
 Ele tem cabelo muito fino
fine adv informal (good)bem adv
 Yes, he did fine with his presentation.
 Sim, ele saiu-se bem na apresentação.
fine vtr (charge with a financial penalty)multar vt
 The policeman fined him for driving too fast.
 O policial multou-o por dirigir com excesso de velocidade.
fine n (financial penalty)multa sf
 He received a fine for driving too fast.
 Ele recebeu uma multa por excesso de velocidade.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
fine adj (attractive)atraente, fino adj
 He is such a fine man!
fine adj (weather) tempoagradável adj
 Today will be a fine day. Not a cloud in the sky!
fine adj (refined)refinado, fino adj
 Her supper parties are always very fine, with French wine, and polite conversation.
fine adj (small) pequenotênue, fino adj
 There is a fine line between genius and insanity.
fine adj (ornate)leve, delicado adj
 The decoration on this French clock is very fine.
fine adj (nuanced)sutil, tênue adj
 There is a fine distinction between drunk and inebriated.
fine adj (wine) vinhofino adj
 de boa qualidade loc adj
 France produces many fine wines.
fine adj (print, letters) letrasmiúdo adj
 Make sure you read the fine print, if you can see it.
fine adj (knife, blade)afiado adj
 It was a very fine knife and could cut anything.
fine adj (high quality) alta qualidadebom, fino, excelente adj
 She always served fine wine at her parties.
fine vtr (make finer)afiar vt
 He fined the blade with the stone.
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Formas compostas
a fine mess n informal (complicated or awkward situation) situação complicada ou esquisitasaia justa loc sf
 The lies we told got us into a fine mess when everyone found out the truth.
 Now you've done it. Look at the fine mess you've gotten us into.
be in fine form vtr (be fit and healthy)estar em boa forma loc v
 Even though I'm 50 years old, I'm still in fine form and can beat you at tennis any day!
be in fine form (be in a good mood)estar em boa forma loc v
extra fine adj (very thin) muito finoextrafino adj
extra fine adj (extremely high quality) muito bom, excelente, de boa qualidadeextrafino adj
fine art n (visual forms of art)arte visual loc sf
 The sale will be of interest to collectors of fine art.
fine arts npl (visual forms of art)artes visuais loc sf,pl
 Paul has always loved the fine arts, and is now doing a degree in London.
Fine by me interj informal (expressing acquiescence)por mim, tudo bem interj
 If you leave, that's fine by me.
fine cooking n (gourmet food, high-class cuisine)alta gastronomia loc sf
fine dining n (gourmet meals)alta gastronomia loc sf
 In town there is a family restaurant and a fine dining restaurant.
fine food n (gourmet meals)alta gastronomia loc sf
 The hotel served fine food.
fine line n figurative (little distinction)linha tênue loc sf
 Sometimes there's a fine line between ironic wit and plain nastiness.
 There's a fine line between genius and insanity.
fine line n (difficult distinction to make)linha tênue loc sf
 There's a fine line between genius and insanity.
fine print n figurative (terms and conditions) termos e condições de contratocláusula sf
 artigos secundários loc sm
 If only I'd read the fine print, I wouldn't have lost so much money.
fine print n literal (text printed in small font) literal: tipografia letras pequenas loc sf
 impressão em tipos miúdos, pequenos loc sf
 The fine print's too small for me to read due to my bad eyesight.
fine shredder n (machine for slicing [sth] very thinly)ralador fino loc sm
 I grate Parmesan cheese on a fine shredder, and Cheddar on a coarse one.
fine tuning n (precise adjustment)ajuste de precisão loc sm
 Regular fine-tuning will be required to keep these estimates up to date.
 You've got the right idea here but it still needs some fine tuning.
fine-looking, fine looking adj (having a splendid appearance) bonito, lindode aspecto agradável loc adj
Note: hyphen omitted when term is after the noun
 That champion purebred Collie is a fine-looking dog.
fine-looking, fine looking adj (handsome, attractive) atraente, bonitode aspecto atraente loc adj
 My my! What a fine-looking young man you've grown up to be.
fine-tune vtr figurative (refine) fig, refinarajustar, afinar vt
 The basic process is good but we'll need to fine-tune it a bit as we go along.
fine-tune vtr (adjust precisely) ajustar com precisãosintonizar vt
 He found it impossible to fine-tune the radio using the dial
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