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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
fire n (combustion) combustãofogo sm
 Fire produces heat and light.
 O fogo produz calor e luz.
fire n (building) construçãoincêndio sm
 There was a fire in an old warehouse nearby.
 Houve um incêndio num velho armazém aqui perto.
fire n (specific: cooking, camping) específico: cozinhar, acamparfogueira sf
 They hung a kettle over the fire.
 We lit a fire near the tents.
 Eles colocaram uma chaleira sobre a fogueira.
fire vtr (gun: shoot) arma: descarregardisparar vt
 They fired their guns.
 Eles dispararam suas armas.
fire vtr US (dismiss from work) despedir de um trabalhodemitir vt
 They fired him for being late each morning.
 Eles o demitiram por se atrasar todas as manhãs.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
fire n (ignition)fogo sm
 We need to set this wood on fire.
fire n (burning material)fogueira sf
 They built a fire out of dry twigs.
fire n (gem brilliance) brilho da gemabrilho, fulgor, resplendor sm
 faísca sf
 Diamonds must be cut to show their fire.
fire n (ardour) ardorfogo sm
 She was full of fire and energy.
fire n (arduous trial) experiência árduafogo sm
 He went through fire to try to find her again.
fire n (guns, firearms: shooting) descarga de armas de fogofogo, tiroteio sm
 fuzilaria sf
 He could hear the fire of guns nearby.
fire vi (burn)queimar v int
 The kindling began to fire.
fire vi (glow)reluzir v int
 Dawn fired in the east.
fire vi (shoot a weapon)atirar v int
 Aim your weapon, then fire.
fire vi figurative (become passionate)incendiar-se, inflamar-se v p
 He fired and fumed at the news.
fire vi (have ignition in a cylinder) motor: entrar em igniçãopegar v int
 Eventually, the engine fired and they drove home.
fire vtr (set sthg afire)incendiar, queimar vt
 pôr fogo loc vt
 They fired the big pile of rubbish they had collected.
fire vtr (supply fuel) suprir com combustívelpôr fogo loc vt
 You should fire the boiler with anthracite coal.
fire vtr (ignite) motor: entrar em igniçãopegar vt
 Go ahead and fire the engine.
fire vtr (kiln)calcinar vt
 The potter fires her stoneware in a kiln.
fire vtr figurative (emotions: inflame)inflamar vt
 Her kiss fired his passion even more.
fire vtr figurative (inspire)excitar, inflamar vt
 The sight fired her imagination.
fire vtr figurative (throw) bolaatirar vt
 He fired a ball through the open window.
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Formas compostas
add fuel to the fire piorar uma situação ruim
 colocar brasa na fogueira
ball of fire n literal (fireball)bola de fogo loc sf
 We heard the explosion, then saw a great ball of fire shooting to the sky.
 The propane tanker exploded into a great ball of fire.
ball of fire n figurative (dynamic person) gíria, pessoa dinâmicafoguete sm
 My aunt is always busy; she's a real ball of fire.
baptism by fire n (difficult first experience, initiation) experiência difícilbatismo de fogo loc sm
 My first day as a math teacher was a baptism of fire. The pupils just wouldn't keep quiet !
baptism by fire n (first combat experience for a soldier) 1o combate dum soldadobatismo de fogo loc sm
 Bullets were flying all around and people were dying; it was truly a baptism by fire.
be on fire estar quente
 estar com tudo
blazing fire n (fire that burns intensely)fogo abrasador
 They sat outside the tent, swapping stories and toasting marshmallows over the blazing fire.
blazing fire n (coal or wood fire: home comforts)fogão a lenha, lareira
 They gathered round the blazing fire for warmth.
camp fire n (outdoor fire made of twigs) fogueira ao ar livrefogueira de acampamento loc sf
 That evening we all sat around a camp fire drinking beer and telling ghost stories.
catch fire vi (catch alight)pegar fogo
 Gasoline can catch fire very easily.
catch on fire vi (catch alight)pegar fogo
 If I knock this candle onto the rug, it will probably catch on fire.
cease fire cessar-fogo
fire alarm n (siren or bell warning of fire)alarme de incêndio loc sm
 Someone set off the fire alarm at 3 am and the entire hotel had to be evacuated.
 You often have to smash a glass panel to activate a fire alarm.
fire at atirar em
fire away vi slang (begin asking questions) começar a perguntarperguntar, interrogar v int
 gíriamandar brasa loc v int
 Professor, could we ask you a few questions? "Sure! Fire away.".
fire away vi informal (begin shooting) informalatirar v int
 When you have a clear shot at the deer, fire away.
fire brigade n (team of fire-fighters)batalhão, corpo de bombeiros loc sm
 The fire brigade took five hours to put out the house fire.
fire chief n (leader of a fire fighting team) chefe de um batalhão de bombeiroscomandante dos bombeiros loc sm
 The fire chief directs his team during a fire.
fire department corpo de bombeiros
fire door n (fire-resistant inner door) porta que resiste ao fogoporta corta-fogo loc sf
 The employees were told off for wedging the fire doors open in the hot weather.
fire drill n (practice of procedure in case of fire) simulacro de incêndioexercício de evacuação loc sm
 We had a fire drill at the office today.
fire drill n (evacuation of building due to a fire) por causa de incêndioevacuação sf
fire eater n (performer who appears to swallow fire) como atração públicaengolidor de fogo loc sm
 A fire eater must hold kerosene in his mouth to perform.
fire engine carro de bombeiro
fire escape n (emergency stairway) escada de emergênciasaída de emergência loc sf
 In the event of fire, please use the fire escape to descend to the ground floor.
fire exit saída de incêndio
fire extinguisher n (appliance for putting out fires)extintor de incêndio loc sm
 Some fire extinguishers contain water and others foam.
fire fighter, firefighter n (member of fire brigade)bombeiro sm
 Firefighters were called to tackle the blaze.
fire fighting, firefighting, fire-fighting n literal (fighting fires) literalextinção de incêndio loc sf
 Fire-fighting is a very dangerous occupation.
 There were seven enemy soldiers dead after the intense fire fight.
fire fighting, firefighting, fire-fighting n figurative (computing: efforts to fix [sth]) informática tentativa de resolver algo loc sf
 The computer system's so messed up that we seem to spend most of our time in fire fighting.
fire insurance seguro de incêndio
fire off disparar
fire prevention n (safety measures to decrease fire risk) medidas para diminuir risco de incêndioprevenção de incêndio loc sf
 Putting out your camp fire is one method of fire prevention.
fire resistant adj (flameproof, difficult to set fire to) à prova de fogoresistente ao fogo loc adj
 The sofa is made of fire-resistant material.
fire retardant adj (difficult to set fire to, slow to burn) resistente ao fogoignífugo adj
 Mattresses are treated with fire retardant chemicals.
fire risk n ([sth] which increases chance of a fire)risco de incêndio loc sm
 Throwing a cigarette out of the car window is a fire risk.
fire safety n (prevention of accidental fire)prevenção contra incêndios loc sf
fire sale n literal (discount sale of fire-damaged goods) liquidação de artigos de uma loja que sofreu um incêndioqueima de estoque loc sf
 The smoke-damaged merchandise was discounted for the fire sale.
fire sale n figurative (financial: low-price selling of assets) figurativo - grandes descontos, grande liquidação queima de estoque loc sf
 The struggling business had a fire sale on old stock items, to generate more cash flow.
fire station n (place where fire engines are kept)posto de bombeiros loc sm
 The girl scouts visited the fire station to learn about fire safety.
fire truck n US (fire engine)carro de bombeiro loc sm
 Most fire trucks are painted red.
fire up vtr literal (start ignition of) literalligar, acender vt
 I pressed the starter button, fired up the engine, and took off into a cloudless blue sky.
fire up vtr figurative (excite, enthuse) figurativoacender, entusiasmar, excitar vt
 The pep talk from the coach before the match left the whole team fired up and raring to go.
fire up vtr figurative (cause [sth] to start, become successful) figurativoiniciar vt
fire upon atirar em
forest fire n (uncontrolled fire in a woodland area)incêndio florestal loc sm
 There's a high risk of forest fires in that area due to lack of rain.
line of fire linha de fogo
machine-gun fire n (hail of bullets from an automatic firearm)tiro de metralhadora loc sm
 We could hear the sound of machine-gun fire in the distance.
mortar fire n (shell attack)ataque de morteiro loc sm
on fire em fogo
open fire fogo aberto
play with fire brincar com fogo
playing with fire brincando com fogo
roaring fire incêndio
set on fire incendiar
 botar fogo em
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