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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
flight n (plane trip) viagem de aviãovoo sm
 The flight to Madrid lasts seven hours.
 O voo para Madrid dura sete horas.
flight n (flying) voarvoo sm
 The flight of birds is often beautiful.
 O voo dos pássaros é bonito.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
flight n (escape)escapada, fuga sf
 The prisoner's flight took him across three states.
flight n (aerial travel of sthg)voo sm
 The ball's flight ended in the woods.
flight n (military: trajectory) militartrajetória de voo loc sf
 The rocket's flight is arched.
flight n (floor)andar sm
 How many flights tall is that building?
flight n (military: aerial squadron) militaresquadrilha sf
 The first flight of planes took off in unison.
flight n (distance or time covered) distância ou tempovoo sm
 It was a three-hour flight.
flight n (stairs: floor) de escadalance sm
 We had to go up three flights of stairs to get to his office.
flight n (something beyond normal) da imaginaçãovoo sm
 He had quite a flight of imagination when he suggested we go out to eat.
flight n (money) de dinheirofuga sf
 The flight from the dollar has significantly lowered its value.
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WordReference English-Portuguese Dictionary © 2014:

Formas compostas
charter flight vôo fretado
 vôo charter
direct flight n (single plane journey without connections)voo direto loc sm
 I paid extra for a direct flight from Lyon to London.
domestic flight n (plane journey within a country)voo doméstico loc sm
 I don't know what it is like to go through customs at the airport, I have only flown on domestic flights.
flight attendant comissário de bordo
flight delay n (plane's late departure or arrival)atraso no voo loc sm
 I was at the airport for six hours because of a flight delay.
flight instructor n ([sb] who trains pilots)instrutor de voo loc sm
flight of steps n (set of stairs)lance de escada loc sm
flight plan n (course or itinerary of an aircraft)plano de vôo loc sm
flight schedule n (itinerary of an aircraft)itinerário de voo loc sm
solo flight vôo solo
top-flight de primeira categoria
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