For the verb: "to forget"

Simple Past: forgot
Past Participle: forgotten

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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
forget vtr (not remember)esquecer v int
 esquecer-se vpron
 I forgot to wash the clothes.
 Esqueci de lavar as roupas.
 Esqueci-me de lavar as roupas.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
forget vi (not remember)esquecer v int
 I was supposed to wash the clothes, but I forgot.
forget vtr (cease to remember)esquecer vt
 esquecer-se vp
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Formas compostas
don't forget interj informal (do not forget)não se esqueça interj
 Don't forget to turn off the light when leaving the office.
forget about it interj slang (don't mention it, you're welcome)de nada, por nada interj
 Forget about it – it was nothing really.
 Forget about it! - you don't owe me a thing.
forget about it interj slang (don't worry, it's not important)não se preocupe interj
 Look, it's not such a big deal that I lied to you, so forget about it already!
forget about it interj (stop thinking about it)nem pensar! interj
 coloquialque isso! interj
forget it interj slang (certainly not) coloquialpode esquecer!, esquece isso! interj
 If you think I'm doing the dishes for you again tonight, forget it!
forgive and forget esquecer e perdoar
never forget vi (remember forever)nunca esquecer loc v int
 I will never forget my wedding day, it was perfect.
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