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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
household adj (of a household)doméstico, familiar adj
 Our household income is slightly above average.
 Nossa renda doméstica (or: familiar) está ligeiramente acima da média.
household n (people)família sf
 We are going to have a meeting of the whole household tonight.
 Vamos ter um encontro de toda a família esta noite.
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Formas compostas
head of household cabeça da família
household effects npl (domestic belongings)bens domésticos loc sm pl
 The family narrowly escaped the tornado, having to leave all their household effects behind.
household electrical appliances npl (machines that do household tasks)eletrodomésticos sm pl
 My grandmother lived her entire life without a single household electrical appliance.
household goods utensílios domésticos
household name n ([sb] or [sth] very well known)nome famoso, conhecido loc sm
 The footballer David Beckham is now a household name.
household word palavra bem conhecida
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