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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
issue vtr (distribute)distribuir, entregar vt
 emitir vt
 They're going to issue new membership cards next month.
 Eles vão distribuir (or: entregar) novos cartões de membros no mês que vem.
issue vtr (publish)publicar vt
 He issued an apology for his remarks.
 Ele publicou uma desculpa por causa de suas observações.
issue vi (be emitted) ser emitidosair v int
 Smoke issued from the chimney.
 A fumaça saía da chaminé.
issue n (problem, dispute)questão sf
 The ownership of the land is the main issue.
 A posse da terra é a questão principal.
issue n (stamps) selosemissão sf
 These stamps are a special coronation issue from 1953.
 Estes selos são uma emissão especial da coroação de 1953.
issue n (edition)edição sf
 número sm
 They printed a special issue of the book on high-quality paper.
 Eles imprimiram uma edição especial do livro em papel de alta qualidade.
 Eles imprimiram um número especial do livro em papel de alta qualidade.
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
issue n (distribution)distribuição sf
 The town hall oversees the issue of liquor licenses.
issue n (emission)emissão sf
 The Dead Sea is a lake with no issue.
 * The issue of gas from factories is increasing.
issue n (promulgation)promulgação sf
 They're preparing the issue of a new statement.
issue n (sending out)despacho sm
 All these items are ready for issue.
issue n (finance: bonds) finanças: emissão sf
 The government announced a new issue of bonds.
issue n (finance: stock)emissão sf
 The board approved another issue of stock in the company.
issue n (offspring)descendente sm
 herdeiro sm
 He died without issue.
issue n (problems)problema sm
 He has unresolved issues from his childhood.
issue n (question)questão sf
 She's concerned about the issue of work place harassment.
issue n (outlet)fim sm
 resultado sm
 They finally brought their arguments to an issue.
issue n (medicine: discharge) medicinaperda sf
 She suffered from an issue of blood.
issue vi (arise)ocorrer, surgir v int
 Many problems issued from that decision.
issue vi (accrue)advir v int
 A lot of profits issued from the investment.
issue vtr (emit)emitir vt
 The oven issues enough heat to keep the room warm.
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Formas compostas
at issue em questão
burning issue n (urgent matter for discussion)questão urgente loc sf
 Today's burning issue is deciding where to go for lunch.
burning issue n (keenly-debated topic)questão polêmica loc sf
 Religion is always a burning issue.
delicate issue n (sensitive matter)assunto delicado
 Impotence is a delicate issue which most men find difficult to discuss.
issue a command emitir um comando
 dar uma ordem
issue a denial vi (deny publicly and formally)desmentir publicamente
 When it was reported that Madonna had remarried, her publicist quickly issued a denial.
issue a statement fazer uma declaração
issue a writ vi (law: order [sb] to do or refrain from [sth].) legalemitir uma ordem
issue an injunction vi (law: put out a restraining order)emitir um mandado de segurança
 The celebrity was relieved when the judge issued an injunction against her stalker.
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