For the verb: "to know"

Simple Past: knew
Past Participle: known

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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
know vtr (comprehend)saber vt
 I know the answer.
 Eu sei a resposta.
know vtr (be aware of)saber vt
 Does he know that we've arrived?
 Ele sabe que chegamos?
know vtr ([sb]: be acquainted with)conhecer vt
 Do you know Julie?
 Você conhece a Julie?
Traduções Adicionais/Additional Translations
know vi (hold in mind as fact)saber v int
 If you don't know, then we need to find someone who does.
know vi (have information about)conhecer v int
 I know of him, but he's not really a friend.
know vtr (be conversant with)entender vt
 saber sobre loc vt
 He knows football better than anyone.
know vtr (perceive) perceberconhecer vt
 I know her as a woman of integrity.
know vtr (recognize) reconhecersaber vt
 I knew it was you as soon as I saw you.
know vtr (distinguish) distinguirconhecer vt
 He doesn't know a flower from a weed.
know vtr (have fixed in one's mind)saber vt
 She's only three but she knows the alphabet.
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WordReference English-Portuguese Dictionary © 2014:

Formas compostas
as far as I know adv (to my knowledge)até onde eu sei loc adv
 pelo que sei
 As far as I know, the bank approved the loan.
 The boss is in his office, as far as I know.
be good to know vi (be reassuring)ser bom saber loc v int
 There are no sharks in this ocean. That's good to know!
be good to know vi (be useful knowledge) ser útilser bom saber loc v int
 It's good to know the language of the country you are visiting .
come to know vtr (grow familiar with)familiarizar-se com loc vp
 You're not the woman I've come to know. You've changed.
for all I know adv (possibly, even though I do not know) expressãoque eu saiba loc adv
 I won't argue with you. For all I know, there may actually be little green men on Mars.
for all you know adv (it is possible that) é possível que pelo que eu sei loc adv
 He might be married with three kids, for all you know.
get to know one another conhecer um ao outro
how should I know? Como é que eu ia saber?
know a thing or two saber uma ou duas coisas
know all the answers vi informal (be arrogant and opinionated) informal, ser arrogante e dogmáticosaber tudo loc v int
 Teenagers think they know all the answers.
know beforehand vtr (be forewarned, already be aware)saber de antemão loc vt
 I knew beforehand what was going to be on the math exam.
know by heart saber de cor
know damn well saber muito bem
know for certain saber com certeza
know full well saber extremamente bem
know instinctively saber instintivamente
know it all saber de tudo
know not v literary (do not know) literárionão saber, não conhecer v int
 Whether what you are doing is a good thing I know not.
know not what v literary (do not know what) literárionão saber o que loc vt
 I knew not what his intentions toward me were.
know nothing não saber nada
know nothing of vtr (be uninformed about, ignorant of) estar desinformadonão saber nada de loc vt
 I'm ashamed to say I know nothing of American literature.
know nothing of vtr (have no experience of) não ter experiêncianão saber nada de loc vt
 It is often said that the Royal Family know nothing of real life.
know the ins and outs saber os prós e os contras
know the score saber o resultado
know your stuff saber o que faz
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