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look! interj (used for drawing attention)olha, olha só interj
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Formas compostas
angry look olhar raivoso
be on the look-out estar em guarda
be on the look-out for estar vigilante para
closer look n (more thorough examination) exame mais detalhadoolhar mais atento loc sm
dirty look olhar feio
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth expr figurative (Be grateful for [sth] obtained for free)A cavalo dado não se olha os dentes expr
 When I asked my uncle for extra money on my birthday, my mother said, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."
fresh look n (different perspective on [sth] familiar)perspectiva diferente loc sf
 nova visão loc sf
 The exhibition offers a fresh look at Danish design.
have a close look around dar uma boa olhada ao redor
have a look at dar uma olhada
have the look of vtr (look like, look as though)parecer-se a, assemelhar-se a vp
 You have the look of a woman in love!
look vi (cast eyes in a direction)olhar v int
 He looked to his right.
 Ele olhou à sua direita.
look vi (cast eyes upon sthg)olhar v int
 He looked at the flower.
 Ele olhou para a flor.
look vi (examine visually) examinar visualmentever v int
 Let me look to see if there is a water leak.
 Deixa-me ver se há algum vazamento.
look vi (appear)parecer v int
 He looked tired when he arrived last night.
 Ele parecia cansado quando chegou noite passada.
look vtr (have an appearance)parecer-se vp
 This table looks like the one we have at home.
 Esta mesa parece-se com aquela que temos em casa.
look n (act of looking)olhar sm
 She silenced him with an angry look.
 Ela o silenciou com um olhar zangado.
look n (visual examination) exame visualolhada sf
 The dermatologist took a look at his skin, searching for signs of cancer.
 O dermatologista deu uma olhada na sua pele, procurando por sinais de câncer.
look n (aspect)aspecto sm
 aparência sf
 The children's toy had the look of a real phone.
 O brinquedo das crianças tinha o aspecto dum telefone de verdade.
 O brinquedo das crianças tinha a aparência dum telefone de verdade.
look n (quick glance)espiada, olhada sf
 olhadela sf
 Have a quick look at the blonde girl over there.
look n (gaze)olhada sf
 He took a long look at her and could not believe her loveliness.
look n (fashion: style) modaestilo sm
 moda: estilolook
 I like her look. It is part urban, part punk.
look vi (glance)olhar v int
 She quickly looked out the window to see if it was raining.
look vi (gaze)olhar v int
 The baby looked at his mother for a couple of minutes.
look vi (seem to be)parecer v pred
 He looks sick.
look vi (direct attention to)observar v pred
 Look at the windows on that house.
look vi (give a view)ter vista para loc vt
 The window looks on the meadow.
look vi (to front on)ter vista para loc vt
 This house has five windows that look to the street.
look vtr (give a look to [sb])olhar vt
 She looked him in the eye and asked where he had been the night before.
look, look over vtr (inspect) inspecionarexaminar vt
 The inspector looked over the restaurant for code violations.
look, look up vtr (seek) por palavraprocurar vt
 She looked up the word that she didn't know.
look after [sb] cuidar de alguém
look after [sb], [sth] v (take care of [sb], [sth]) algo, alguémtomar conta de, cuidar de loc vt
 Who will look after the children while we're away?
 Before we go on vacation we need to find someone to look after the animals.
look ahead olhar em frente
look around procurar
 olhar em volta
look around for procurar por
look askance vi (glance sidelong or with suspicion)olhar com desconfiança loc v int
look askance vtr figurative (at [sth]: disapprove of) figurativo - desaprovarolhar com desconfiança loc vt
look at vtr (watch, observe)olhar, observar vt
 Look at me when I'm talking to you!
look away vi (avert one's eyes)desviar o olhar loc v int
 The little boy knew he was in trouble and when the teacher looked at him he had to look away.
 It was a horror movie and I had to look away much of the time!
look back vi literal (look behind) literalolhar para trás loc v int
 Don't look back. Whatever's chasing you might be gaining on you. (Satchel Paige) .
look back vi figurative (reminisce) figurativorelembrar, rememorar v int
 When I look back on all the times we shared, I wish for those days again.
look back vi figurative (dwell on the past) figurativoviver no passado loc v int
 As I look back on the past, I must remind myself to look towards the future to better days.
look back on [sth] recordar
look beautiful vi (be attractively dressed) estar bem-vestidaparecer linda loc v int
 Darling, you look beautiful tonight.
look before you leap interj proverb (be aware of the risks involved in [sth]) ditadopense bem antes de agir! interj
 You need to look before you leap before investing in a new business.
look beyond olhar além
look carefully at vtr (examine closely)examinar com atenção loc vt
 One should always look carefully at a document before signing it.
look closely at [sth] v (examine [sth] carefully)examinar com atenção loc vt
 If you look closely at the butterfly's wings you will see the beautiful patterns.
look down olhar para baixo
look down on vtr literal (observe from high up) literalolhar de cima loc vt
 From our hotel room we could look down on the square.
look down on vtr figurative (consider oneself superior to) fig, considerar-se superiorolhar de cima para baixo loc vt
 It is wrong to look down on people less fortunate than yourself.
look down upon vtr literal (observe from high up) literalolhar do alto loc vt
 From the top of the tower you can look down upon the whole city.
look down upon vtr figurative (consider oneself superior to) fig, considerar-se superiorolhar de cima para baixo loc vt
look everywhere vi (search in many places)procurar por todo lugar loc v int
 We looked everywhere but we couldn't find it.
look foolish parecer idiota
look for vtr (search for, seek)procurar vt
 Some people look for love on the internet.
 I looked for you, but I couldn't find you.
look forward to vtr (await with excitement)esperar, aguardar ansiosamente loc vt
 aguardar com interesse loc vt
 We look forward to our summer holiday every year.
look forward to vtr (await, anticipate)esperar, aguardar loc vt
 I look forward to the day when I can afford to retire.
look him in the eye olhá-lo nos olhos
look in on fazer uma visita rápida
 fazer uma visitinha
look into [sth] investigar
look into the future prever o futuro
look like [sb] parecer-se com alguém
look of disapproval olhar de desaprovação
look on vtr (watch, observe)observar, vigiar vt
 While my father taught me to swim, my mother looked on from the shore.
look on the bright side olhar o lado bom
look out ter cuidado
look out for vtr (stay vigilant for)estar alerta loc v int
 You must look out for snakes when walking in these hills.
look out! cuidado!
look over examinar
look sharp olhe com atenção
look silly parecer bobo
look the other way olhar de outro modo
look through, look-through vtr literal (observe via: [sth] transparent) literal - algo transparenteolhar através de loc vt
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 You can see the individual cells if you look through the microscope.
 Look through the window and tell me what you see.
look through, look-through vtr figurative (appear not to see, be oblivious to) fig., estar distraídoolhar através de loc vt
 I said hello but he looked right through me.
look through, look-through vtr (search or survey a collection of [sth])examinar o conteúdo loc vt
 Can I look through those old clothes before you throw them out in case there is something I like?
 My boss looked through the papers before signing them.
look to esperar
look to be aspirar a ser
look up to [sb] respeitar
look upon considerar
make look skinny vtr (give [sb] the appearance of being thin)fazer parecer magro loc vt
 She wears tight black dresses to make herself look skinny.
new look n (restyled appearance) mudança na imagem novo visual loc sm
 The pop star's new look was ridiculed by critics and fans alike.
not look back vi literal (not glance behind) literalnão olhar para trás loc v int
not look back vi figurative (not dwell on the past) figurativo - não pensar no passadonão olhar para trás loc v int
not look for vtr (not try to find) literalnão procurar vt
not look for vtr informal (not invite) informal, figurativo não convidar vt
not look for vtr (not expect)não esperar, não aguardar vt
not look like vtr (bear no resemblance to)não se parecer com vp
 The beautiful girl does not look like the ugly witch.
not much to look at pouco atrativo
second look segunda olhada
take a second look olhar de novo
wet look aparência molhada (cabelo)
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